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Channeling messages from the divine Master Sananda (who was Jesus Christ) is the most beautiful and fulfilling experience. No human experience compares to the feeling of unconditional love and acceptance that Janice feels from Sananda. During channeling sessions, He fills the room with His divine presence and shares the gift of the Holy Spirit.
       Janice began experiencing visits from Sananda in meditation. It was at this time He asked her to channel for Him. She told Him, “ It would be an honor to channel for you” as she wondered, “ What did I just sign up to do?” He has mentored, guided, and worked with Janice on a daily basis forming a beautiful bond of love, respect, and friendship.
       Sananda merges and aligns with Janice’s chakras and speaks through her. She is a conscious channel since her spirit remains present during the channeling. This is also referred to as trance channeling.

Who is Sananda?
Sananda is the divine Master Jesus Christ. The name Sananda was from a previous lifetime of Jesus. Sananda is the Higher Power or Higher Self of Jesus. Sananda teaches us that we experience many different lifetimes on earth. Sananda described the Higher Power as the following:
     “Sananda is an ancient name of a King who lived many lifetimes prior to Jesus Christ. I use this name because I Am the Higher Power (Higher Self) of Jesus Christ. I Am a multiple soul — meaning I Am all the lifetimes of Sananda including Jesus Christ. All my soul’s lifetimes are merged into one spirit. Think of it as a family tree. Sananda is the root and trunk. The main branches are the lifetimes when I progressed and excelled as a spirit. Jesus Christ was one of the main branches. Each major lifetime or branch has branches coming off of it. So you see Yeshua (Jesus) has returned more than once to complete other lifetimes. This visualization helps you to see we are all one and all connected. This tree is the soul family of Sananda.”

Who is Mary Magdalene?
Mary Magdalene is the divine complement of Master Sananda. They were best friends during the lifetime of Yeshua (Jesus Christ). Mary Magdalene shared the following during one of my channelings:
     “ I know that so many people want to believe that Yeshua (Jesus Christ) and myself were lovers. The truth is that we were closer to brother and sister. Yes, we loved each other dearly, deeply, and we were very close companions. Our families were very close. We knew each other as children. Yeshua’s Mother was like an Aunt or Mother to me. Although I have to say, I wanted to spend most of my time with Yeshua. I wanted to do the work with him, and I did. It was not easy since I was a woman. I was not easily accepted by His male friends. More information will come forward in the future for humanity to understand what Yeshua’s mission was about and mine as well. I worked with Him side by side. I knew His heart. I knew His trials. I knew Him personally. Some things I held in my heart, in my memories that I cherish to this day. We were very, very close; having known each other most of our life at that time. I also want you to know that I was not the only one close to Him. His brothers loved Him dearly, and His Mother and Father. He had some very dear close friends who still stand beside Him, pray to Him and love Him…. This love is for Sananda, who is Yeshua. It was a long time ago, but people are yearning to hear the truth. They will receive the truth. I’m not going into detail in a channeling and there are reasons. The information must come through at the appropriate time. It has all been planned. It goes along with the divine plan. Part of the key aspects coming forward in the future will be this information.”


Energy Healing is not a substitute for medical care by a licensed physician
or psychological counseling but may serve as an adjunct therapy.


Janice is happy to assist clients with this divine work. If you feel drawn to
learning more about her work or scheduling a session, contact her at:






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