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Sessions with Janice McFadden

Sessions with Janice

A session with Janice is an amazing experience which is individualized for every person.  Treat yourself to an experience for the body and soul as you are immersed in the light of Sananda. He brings in the highest vibrational energy of pure unconditional love. Sananda speaks through Janice giving the client an understanding of where they are in their life and what they can do to prepare for their future. The divine messages are always supportive and informative.  Sananda will answer all your questions and many times He answers them before you ask the question.  Sananda provides healings which vary based on the client’s needs and wishes.  He may take the client into a past life, bringing forth understanding and healing for problems occurring in the current life situation. He may bring in the soul energy of other souls to facilitate healing and reconciliation. Other Masters and Archangels assist with clearing out the past and bringing in the new you.  Many times the client’s angels, guides, or Higher Self will also give messages.  If the client would like to speak to another Master or Archangel this is always available as well. Sananda works with the client’s Higher Self in bringing forth information and healing for their highest purpose and evolution.  Most people express a deep sense of peace and bliss after these sessions.

Divine Light Healing by Gazing:

This is a beautiful method of sharing a healing by eye gazing. Janice uses this method of healing while in channel with Sananda and it can be used for a group or in a private session. The person receiving the light will receive a healing for their highest good. This work is guided by the light and may work on the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies. A guided meditation assists with this process.

Oneness Blessing:
Janice may channel the Oneness Blessing for clients before a group channeling. The Oneness Blessing is a transmission of Divine light or Grace from Source. This energy works on the brain to quiet the mental chatter bringing in peace. It allows you to release judgmental thoughts, patterns, and fears. It facilitates a deep emotional and physical healing for the nervous system. This energy also awakens the spiritual energy (kundalini) in the body bringing in healing and higher states of consciousness.
       Sri Bhagavan and Amma, from India, are the founders of Oneness and Oneness University. The energies of Oneness have been embraced by people of all cultures, all nationalities, all religions, and all spiritual paths. It is a worldwide community of people from all over the globe. This Divine Light is helping humanity to let go of feelings of separation to an experience of internal bliss, joy, and unconditional love

Reiki Healing:
Reiki Level III healing uses the Universal Life Energy which comes from the universe, also referred to as Ki. This form of energy has a different name in many cultures. For example, it is called Prana in India, and Ch’i in China. Every living organism uses Ki energy, and it is the biomagnetic energy of the aura. This healing is conducted using light touch healing channeled through the healer’s body and releases through the palm of the hands. This form of healing is thousands of years old. It is believed to be the healing energy and method used by Jesus Christ. The healing is conducted as the healer places her hands either on the body or over the body. Janice also provides spiritual messages if they are received during the healing.
       Studies have shown reductions in pain, anxiety, and depression after the use of Reiki. Janice has personally experienced both emotional and physical healing from Reiki energy.

How it Works:
Both healing techniques may result in an emotional release. This is a very normal response. It is part of the healing process. When a person experiences emotional trauma or stress it can affect the persons physical health as energy is trapped in the body. Through energy healing, this negative energy is released. An important component of the healing also involves forgiveness of self and others. Most clients report feeling that a weight has been taken away, or feeling relaxed and happy. As in any healing process the client will receive only what they are able to receive at that time. There is no guarantee that a healing will take place. The healer only facilitates the process and serves as a conduit for the energy.


Energy Healing is not a substitute for medical care by a licensed physician
or psychological counseling but may serve as an adjunct therapy.


Janice is happy to assist clients with this divine work. If you feel drawn to
learning more about her work or scheduling a session, contact her at:






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