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Mother Mary Channeling

Blessings to you all. This is Mother Mary. I am so happy this sweet group of women are here with me this evening. Those of you that are here are meant to be here. Of course, as always, things happen as they are meant to happen. I asked to come in this evening to bring you my love. To bring you my messages of peace, love, and blessings for the future. My messages are always one of divine peace, happiness, love, light, and positive messages for the future. If you watch your news media, you will see many disturbing and frightening stories. This is not the full picture of what is happening on your earth. There are much more inspiring stories happening than you will ever hear on your media. People are awakening all over the world. So many people are coming around to the idea of connecting to others and to the idea of connecting to the Creator. People are understanding who they truly are. Life in third dimension is never easy. There are many things to teach and learn. The veil that separates you from the divine on the earth plane, allows you to forget who you are. This is done for a reason of course. This beautiful earth is like a playground, a school, for you to learn the difficult lessons.  It is time my dear women for the divine feminine to come forward. All the women on the planet must awaken and the men too. Every woman and man has a feminine and masculine side. You all live many lifetimes.  Some as male and some as female. Those who have lived a variety of male and female lifetimes are more balanced. This balancing of the masculine and feminine qualities allows you to get along better with others. It allows you to be happier and be more free. It allows you to balance the ability to receive and to give or to act. The divine masculine is one of action. The divine feminine is one of receiving, being welcoming, loving and nurturing like a mother. The divine masculine is one of moving forward. It is speaking your truth. As these two energies of feminine and masculine unite within the physical body, you will be able to carry through on larger projects. You will be able to carry through on teaching and follow up on the truth that comes directly from the soul.

As this happens in your physical body, more of your higher self, your soul, will merge with the physical body bringing through the help you need.  If you are looking for someone to help you, call on yourself. Call on your Higher Self. Your Higher Self is a spirit (your soul) which is neither male or female. However he or she comes to you as male or female is done to allow you to identify with yourself.  Normally the name chosen for your Higher Self is one that has been successful on the earth. Your soul has a particular energy that is individualized and separate yet connected with others. I know this concept of being separate but connected is not easy to understand. Just know the deeper you go in meditation, the more that you work on connecting with yourself and the happier you will be. You will feel more love in your body. You will be able to connect with that love directly from the Creator. I am talking about this because this is your primary objective at this point in time on the earth. As you connect with your Higher Self, you will feel more joy and love in your life. Of course, it’s important to work with others and help others.  But your growth, your personal evolution, your soul’s growth, is of primary importance. When souls give up the physical body and cross over, what they learn is that they wish they had spent more time loving themselves.  The more you heal yourself, the happier and joyful you will be. Your life will be easier for you. You will receive more light into the body. As you bring in more of your light, you will be less affected by problems in your community and sad stories on the news. It’s best to focus on the positive. I’m not saying to be naïve, but not to be so absorbed by negative stories coming across the television or radio.

Allow yourself to spend time with family. Your family members are very important, not only to your own heart, but for your mutual growth. Families that incarnate together , do this for a reason. They may have karma to work on, lessons to learn, and they have agreements and contracts which they signed before incarnation. It’s important to fulfill these contracts. There are many people going through separation and divorce at this time. Those going through this, are doing this because it was meant to happen. Everyone on the planet are divinely guided toward the path they have chosen. If you have friends that are divorcing, support and love them as they go through this. Let go of judgment and gossip. It’s best to focus on self.

If you are feeling lost or in despair, call in Mother Mary’s star of hope and guidance. This is vibrant white light healing energy.

Love and Blessings to all of you,
Mother Mary


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