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Sananda and Mary Magdalene Channeling
February 21, 2010

This is Mary Magdalene. I am pleased you are all here this afternoon. I want you to know that if you are here you were meant to be here. You were called. There are several reasons for this. The messages I have for you today will assist you as you move forward in your life. It will benefit you and my energy will assist you as well. I also want you to know  I have been looking out for your well being and communicating with your guides, angels, and your Higher Self. There are going to be some changes going forward in the world within the next couple of years. More people will be awakening and tuning into their Higher Self. They will be getting together with friends in meditation groups or using prayer. This is happening all over the world and all guided by the Creator as the Divine Plan unfolds for humanity. People will be working together assisting each other to bring in the light from the Creator. They will be providing healings, channeling, and new technology that will assist each other as they complete their healing and move toward the ascension process. This is a time during the earth plane when more people are seeking to ascend. So you are wondering what exactly does this mean. It means that more people are seeking to prepare their bodies and their hearts for their next evolutionary step. This means healing past lives and current issues within the body, the heart and the mind. Your spiritual self, your Higher Self is guiding you on this process. Everyone is progressing at a different rate all for the benefit of global consciousness. Every bit of healing that you provide for yourself actually assists the larger community. It assists your families. One person going through this beautiful healing process in a family can change the whole environment in the home. This can be beautiful and beneficial but it can also be somewhat disturbing to those who do not understand. There are many who are choosing now to cross over. They are choosing not to ascend at this time. They are choosing to move forward now by crossing over. In many ways they are actually helping those who are left on the earth plane. They are helping those people who are left behind to open their hearts and to reach out to each other. For example, this situation in Haiti has affected everyone throughout the world. Everyone feels for these people basically trapped on this island going through trauma and devastation. What I want you to understand is that the souls who have crossed over have done this for a very good reason. They are assisting the global community and the consciousness of those left behind. It is not an easy concept to understand but what I want you to understand is that each person plans out their life prior to incarnation. They have goals and purpose set up for them that they work on with her soul groups. Their soul families also assist them with this. It’s a beautiful design from our point of view to see people awakening, growing, and assisting each other on this process. They are opening their hearts and feeling the love from the Creator. They are allowing themselves to receive the love, to be happy and joyful. It is all personal choice. You don’t realize how much power you have within your beautiful heart chakra and soul. This is a free will planet. You determine your next steps and you’re allowed that. It allows you to learn and grow as a soul. I am not here to speak about religion. I will not answer any questions related to that. If one chooses to follow a particular religion that is of course their choice. I am here as a representative from the light to reassure you and share my love with you . I am here to let you know that all is designed and planned for you. You have choice to change your mind about your plan. Most people follow their plan fairly well. If you get off track there are ways to bring you back on track if that is your wish. You may worry and have concerns but there is no reason to go there because you are always supported and protected. You are always guided in ways you don’t even realize.

1. Question about ascension of the earth.

There is much information about the planet ascending as well. This is really a whole lecture but I will try and sum it up. The earth has gone through many changes with the growth of humanity. I’m not blaming humanity for the problems related to the earth, but there is much pollution, and rising temperatures in the oceans have affected plant life. Atmospheric changes have occurred which is going to require some changes on the earth plane. This includes earth changes, and movement in the earth’s crust. This is a way to cleanse and clear the problems related to the earth. Your planet is not going to ascend in your lifetime. It will be many many years from now. She is not going to ascend as you ascend. What I mean is that the planet will live on. What I advise everyone to do is to really focus inward and look into their own hearts and work on themselves improving many things. Improve their physical health and spiritual self. The best way to do that is to start with you spiritual self by clearing negative emotions from your body, letting go of past regrets and disappointments, and forgiving those who have hurt you. Also look into past lives and clear some of those issues. I want you to know you come into this life planning to clear past lives. The way you do this is by bringing forward issues that are related to a past life. This can be cleared by energy healing. This is the fastest way. Hypnotherapy is very effective. You can assist your body in this process through massage and detoxifying the body. Meditation is probably the most important out of all of those things. You can sit down in meditation on your own and ask for healing. You will receive guidance, care, and love from the angels and Masters that you call in. It’s a process that is multifaceted and involves the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual body. You can experience some physical healing once you have cleared the emotions surrounding the issue. Some people have many layers of pain and trauma. It will take them a little longer to clear these issues. Once you have completed your healing, then you can unite in a beautiful union with your Higher Self. Even then you will have issues to clear, such as thought processes. Many people have negative thoughts that go through their minds. Some of it is intentional and some is automatic. These are things that can be cleared over time and meditation assists with this process as well. It can take anyone from 3 to 20 years to complete this healing. Some people are slower than others. Some people are more resistant. This is how you prepare yourself for ascension. This is the short story. It’s not complicated though. There are books out on the subject that make it very complicated telling you, you have to pray to certain Masters or Saints. It’s really more about working with yourself and your Higher Self. So you’re wondering when you ascend are you going to have to leave the planet. The answer is both yes and no. You do not have to leave the planet when you ascend. Ascension has to do with evolving to a higher consciousness and a higher vibrational plane. You may choose to leave the planet and live where everyone is on a higher plane or you may choose to stay on the earth and teach and assist others with this process. Many of the old souls that are here who have returned will be staying on the planet much longer to assist others with this process. Ascension is assisting yourself to live in harmony in a higher vibration. It will allow you to live in harmony with self and others. Many of you have already moved forward on this process and are already in the 4th, and  5th dimensions. Some people are even higher than that. This feels like more joyful energy and more happiness. Fears are released and worry is not a problem. Your life will just flow like a river. The things that you need will just come to you. The things you don’t have time or need for will not. Doesn’t that sound like something you would like to do? It’s a transition. It doesn’t happen over night. It takes a lot of work including prayer and meditation. Prayer works very well and is very powerful. We are always listening to your prayers and moving forward to assist you.

I will leave for now. I wanted to talk about these topics with you, I wanted to share my love. Blessings to all of you. When you pray or meditate please call me in. I am here for you.
Mary Magdalene


This is Sananda. I am so happy to be here with this beautiful group. This message that Mary brought in is not to be taken lightly. This message is all about your soul’s evolution and your growth as a spirit. I want you to know that the whole purpose of being here on this planet is so that you can learn and grow. This is your own choice and not something that was made for you. You can think of it as the ultimate play ground, the ultimate experience to learn about all the emotions you can feel here. When you are in physical body and in relationship with someone, you are more likely to feel these emotions on a very deep level. You are able to work in concert with your physical body to experience so many things. Trauma, pain, love, and joy are a few. So many different emotions. What this does is it teaches you how your behaviors affect others. When you are hurt by someone you learn not to repeat the same behaviors that the other person did toward you. You learn not to treat people that way through the negative behaviors of others. There’s always a balance between the positive and the negative or what people call the dark and the light. These two aspects work together not only within your self but throughout the world to bring in a beautiful school of thought and emotions. A place where you can learn and grow. Your bodies are absolutely beautiful. They should be cherished and treated correctly. This is the vehicle through which you learn and the vehicle through which you can affect others lives. My message is the same as Mary’s. We work hand in hand and very closely together with all of you.

Blessings and Love,


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