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Sananda and Mary Magdalene Channeling
February 22, 2009

This is Mary Magdalene. I am so happy that you are all here. Sananda and I have been looking forward to talking to you this evening. I have much to discuss. Part of what I want to talk about is the state of the world at this time. There are too many imbalances.

The earth has suffered a great deal from the pollution that man has inflicted on her. There is much work to be done to clean up the earth to assist her in cleansing her oceans, her rivers, the earth and assisting the animals. They have suffered greatly. I know that you are all very aware and intelligent people, so I will not go into detail on that. However, I encourage you all to get involved in environmentalism. Write to your senators. Become aware of the laws to be passed. Become vocal in your communities about the rights of the animals and the earth. There will be more information on this coming out through channels starting this year and 2010. I encourage you all to work within your own communities or at the grass roots level and work your way up. The main issue here is being aware of what the issues are and how they affect your own communities. Start there and then branch out. Connect with other environmental groups. Work together to bring about change not only in the US but elsewhere as well. The rest of the world keeps a close eye on what’s happening in this country. As you lead the way you also lead the rest of the world in cleaning up the earth and assisting the animals. Those of you who are teaching meditation classes and helping others to awaken must also teach them to open their hearts. The heart needs to open for people to really feel the pain and trauma going on within the earth. They need to feel the concerns of their neighbors. People are too much in their heads. They need to awaken by opening their hearts, meditating, praying, and connecting with one another. Now this is already happening to a certain extent and certainly this new president will assist in this process. But he is only one man and he cannot do it all. More and more people are awakening to the needs and the more you pray or meditate, the more you can affect the earth in her healing process. Even a daily affirmation would be helpful. A short prayer is helpful. Talk to each other and your friends. Do not be afraid to speak out. You have the support of the spirit world with you. You are all expertly guided so don’t doubt yourselves. Think positive thoughts and move forward. If you are unsure what to do you can talk with a channel, or people who do readings. There are still people that are not as aligned with spirit that are doing readings. You need to use discernment in finding someone to assist you. Use you intuition and that involves trusting yourself. Trusting self is paramount in these times. You all have a purpose. You all have a reason to be here at this time. Spread the word of getting involved in environmentalism. I also want you to know you are not alone. There are certain changes that the earth has already started progressing on. These changes are going to continue as the earth cleanses herself and clears herself of the pollution. Humanity is waking up. Bringing in this new president shows the changes going on within this country. People’s hearts are changing. Have any of you noticed that strangers are talking to you in elevators when normally they would just look down. People are reaching out to one another. That has to do with that need to connect. There is an interconnectedness among humans. There is a need for this at this time. It is a time of change. It is a time of change for the environment, animals and humans as well. I know people are concerned about the financial changes going on. This is all part of the Creators plan. It’s about bringing in the light. It’s about highlighting the areas in your country or the people in your country that need to change their ways. I don’t want you to feel alone or frightened. The best way to prevent fear is daily meditation. Bring in the love. Bring in the light and the energy that supports you as you move forward. When I was here with Jesus, this is how we kept our spirits up. We managed to keep our vibrational frequencies higher than the general population. This assisted us in moving forward. We received much criticism for what we were doing in spreading the word. It was not easy. It was a challenging path. One that we took on with open hearts and love in our hearts. So too now must you move forward on your path. If you meditate on a daily basis and flow with spirit it will be easier for you. Do you know what I mean by walking with spirit? It means staying in the present moment and being aware of any messages that you may receive. If you have several thoughts about doing something, it could very well be your spirit guides sending messages. So I encourage you to pay attention to that. The more that you meditate, the easier it will be to walk with spirit.

I hope you take to heart what I have shared with you this evening. Sananda will come in now. Good Evening,
This is Mary Magdalene.


This is Sananda. I’m so happy you are here. Your spirits are so beautiful. Understand in the state of world events, some people can’t justify in their hearts the disparities in their world. It’s difficult for people to accept that there is a Creator. That’s why it is so important that each individual go into their own hearts, go into meditation, connect with their Higher Self and experience their own spiritually in a very unique and beautiful way. This method of channeling was devised by the Creator as a way to communicate in words with humanity who is in a state of trauma at this point. People are looking and asking for information. They are trying to understand why the state of world is as it is. It is not easy to accept when you are in embodiment. It’s easier to understand when you are on the other side as a spirit. This is one of the ways that the Creator can communicate with you. Some people have visions and some people are clairaudient. There are different ways to connect. A walking meditation is also helpful. There are people who dance with spirit. People who are adept at this can sense the kundalini energy awakening. This is also done with yoga. Everyone has their own way of connecting with spirit and no way is better than another way. There are many paths to enlightenment.

I send you all my love and blessings. Call me in during your meditations. I can assist you. Prayer works also.
Good night,


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