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Sananda Channeling
March 21, 2013


This is Sananda. I am here to speak to you about your divine souls this evening. I will discuss some of the energetic components around the body. First I’d like to talk to you about your lifetimes here on the planet. All of this work on the planet is a co-creation among souls. It was designed specifically for each person coming in at this time. You all experience multiple lifetimes. As you return to the planet, you evolve, and you help others evolve lifetime after lifetime.  There are those that come to the planet to teach by pushing others to succeed. There are those that teach by speaking their truth. There are those that teach by creating problems which teaches others to be strong. It is all beautifully orchestrated  and designed prior to your lifetimes. Soul groups tend to incarnate together. You all belong to a specific soul group. These soul groups collaborate, work together, and experience different relationships.  This allows them to learn from each other. Each person has a purpose or goal for their life.

You never show up alone. You all have at least one angel and one spirit guide who are with you at all times. You also have animal guides that work with you. I am mentioning the animal guides because most people forget about them and they play an integral role in your learning and your understanding. They serve as teachers as well. If you are out in nature and an owl flies down in front of you, you can bet that bird is one of your guides. I would recommend being more aware of this in nature, when you are experiencing wildlife. You can look up their characteristics in a book to see what this animal teaches. Your spirit guide communicates with you through your thoughts and dreams.  They also communicate with you by sending thoughts to close friends or family members. If you continue to hear the same message from other people, you can believe it is a message from your guides. As each person goes through their life, they are guided by their soul, or over-soul. This is the part of your soul which did not reincarnate. You are one with your over-soul. You are the same. You are also guiding yourself in your life. There are no mistakes. Your life has been planned and your angels have a copy of the plan. Every moment is not planned, but the main aspects of your plan are definitely planned out. Each person has free choice, and can change their plan due to free will. It is part of living on this planet and it makes it fun.  You also work with your angels and guides at night while you sleep to make decisions about your future. You are very protected and supported in your lives.

You may notice this when you are going through times of stress and changes. These are moments in life when you are given opportunities to awaken  to a deeper level. It is meant to awaken and deepen the experience for your soul.  The inner dialogue and work you do in meditation is very beneficial. This allows you to bring more light into your body and to heal. The deepening process also opens your awareness bringing in a better understanding of relationships and mental clarity. It brings in peace and allows you to get through the difficulty with ease.  I want to remind you that prayer is also very beneficial. Your team is always with you when you communicate with the light. You are not judged by the Creator. You are purely loved and cherished for who you are and for the experience you have chosen.

I promised to speak about the merkaba. Let’s talk about the soul and the aura around the body. This is a beautiful sphere of energy surrounding your body at all times. This sphere is your light body and it is connected to your soul. This aura, as you call it, has all your past and future lifetimes all right there for you in one package. Your divine spirit is housed in every one of the seven major chakras. This is all part of your spirit body. The energy of your soul is housed in the physical heart, in a special chamber of the heart. Every part of the physical body is a divine instrument of your soul. It is all connected to your physical body and communicates on a regular basis. When the soul incarnates into the physical body, you bring in a divine light that is like no other. You have your own divine blueprint. You are then able to bring your soul into this physical body and bring into physical dimension all the plans you laid out. You are able to achieve more in your physical body because it is the vehicle that the soul uses to teach others. You learn from this. No matter what your role is, you are always learning and teaching. 

The merkaba is shaped like two interconnected triangles or more accurately two pyramids. Picture yourself standing in the middle. This is an energetic part of your aura. It is part of your soul energy. If you look at it on paper, the two dimensional view looks like a six pointed star of David. This symbol surrounds your body and allows you to access the future and the past. This vehicle which is your physical body and your merkaba, serve you in many ways.  Most people do not know how to use this structure. If you are in meditation and you want to look in the other room, all you need to do is to expand your aura. Let’s say you lost your keys. You can set the intention to expand your aura or merkaba in meditation, and then you will be able to see where your keys are. This takes some practice. It also lets you see anywhere you want. I would recommend you ask the assistance of your angels and guides if you try this technique.

There are many other things you can do with your merkaba. You can ask your angels to put a clockwise spin on your aura and this is all interconnected with your chakras. Healing plays a part in this as well. As your merkaba is spinning, the faster it spins, the quicker you are able to manifest your dreams. It is important to continue with your healing. The more your chakras are healed, the more in alignment they are with your soul and the more in alignment they are with your merkaba. This has to do with your soul. It’s not magic. It is just who you are. This is the vehicle in which you sit. The increased energies coming to the earth at this time are causing most people’s merkaba to spin faster. This is why things are happening quicker. You may notice you are able to manifest your needs quickly. You may think of something you need and later that day you see someone who can help you with that request. You may even try some exercises in meditation by setting the intention about what you want. Ask for something simple, such as finding money. You can play with this to learn how to attract your needs.

Healing yourself is very important because, if your chakras are healed, they will work more closely with your merkaba in manifesting your needs.  It is all interconnected and working together. There are some people who can sit in a room and see on the other side of the world. Basically they are using their aura to do this. It is very simple. As more light comes to the earth, and more energy from the Creator flows in through different portals, then the opportunity for spiritual growth will expand. It is all part of who you are. Humanity is going back to the place they were before the fall of mankind.  A time when there was peace, love, and harmony. You are remembering a time when there was peace, and no war. A time when people worked together in communities and helped each other. Life was simple then and much easier. At that time people were living in a higher vibration. They’re bodies were filled each day with the light of the Creator. Disease and illness did not exist. This is where humanity is headed. You will hear the word ascension. Healers will tell you they will help you ascend. I want to clarify this. People think of ascension as going to the light or heaven in their physical body. This is a misunderstanding. Ascension occurring on the planet, is an ascension within yourself. It is about relearning, and remembering who you are with your soul, or your Higher Self. As you heal past wounds, you will bring more divine light into your body. As you connect more deeply with your soul and merge more with your own light, this is the ascension they are speaking of. If you talk with a monk or enlightened priest, you can see the light in their eyes. You can tell they are further along on their journey. These people are ascending in the physical body. You will as well. There are many stages and levels. It is not something achieved in one lifetime. The ascension and evolution will continue to take place during your life. This is why the elderly seem to be so wise.

Call me in during your meditations,



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