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Sananda Channeling
June 7, 2015

The Light of the Self: Overview

Welcome, this is Sananda. It is a pleasure to be here with you. The topic of this lecture is about the self. It’s about tuning in and growth. We chose this topic to assist you in understanding what the spirit goes through as you evolve. Humanity is currently in a state of awakening. Awakening to themselves. Awakening to their higher light and their higher purpose. It is happening very quickly. You see the scales have tipped and those that have awakened such as yourselves are setting the stage for those that have not. As you ground your light into the earth and walk your talk, you are helping others. Just physically being here on the earth is helping others to wake up. To see the real and true energy of their Higher Self, which is their soul and who they are, is helping all people. Many people are afraid to look within and see their pain. Many people are only expressing their surface emotions. They block the pain. The mechanism people use to block the pain to protect themselves is removed in awakening. As the awakening comes about, they suddenly realize they’ve lived their life and there is something they need to discover. Some people become very anxious or frantic and begin looking for books to read that explains what they are experiencing. They look for people to talk to for help. If you meet someone in this state, do your best to calm them. You have enough knowledge that you could go out and teach these lectures. The first awakening is only the tip of the iceberg. Some people go through several awakenings and they keep going deeper and deeper into the well of their heart, into the well of love and bliss. This love is just there waiting for them in their own heart. The light comes from their Higher Self, the I AM presence and from God. The Higher Self is your soul energy. The I AM is your connection to Gods light. You all have this shining light within. Every chakra in your body has light. Your body is all light. You think of yourselves as a physical being but the truth is you are all light. This is an important point for you to grasp. It helps you because it is important for you to understand how sacred your bodies are.

The light of your soul is housed in every chakra in the body including the crown and root. What this does for you is it allows you to grow and evolve over time. Humanity is going through an evolution along with the planet to bring in a higher consciousness and a higher vibration of light. This will bring in a better life, a more loving humanity, and peace for the planet. This light you have in your bodies will eventually affect every aspect of your being. This includes your spiritual body (soul and aura), your mental body (how you think), your emotional body (all your emotions) and then affect the physical body. It affects every cell in the body. I’m telling you this because your bodies can hold a great deal of light (grace from God). The more healing you do, the more light you can bring in from your Higher Self. When you get to the point where you are actually communicating with your I AM presence, you are actually communicating with God.

When you get to this point and you have gone through many transformations, you will be able to manifest what you need. As you manifest what brings you joy, you are able to live happily. You are able to tap into your true power. You can manifest whatever the soul wants. Your soul is pure divine light and is in your body. You are your soul essence. When you get to this point you will be in the flow. You will be communicating and collaborating with God. By this point you will have surrendered. You will still have your divine will. You will always have your divine will. You will have surrendered to the flow. This flow is God helping you, guiding you, and healing you. Everyone’s path and purpose is different. You cannot compare yourself to another.

As you go through your healing process, it’s important to work on opening the heart chakra. You won’t get to this point of following the flow until you do. You need to open the front and back of the heart chakra. Clear out the pain within. You all have different levels of pain. You have chosen to bring in issues from past lives and you have determined what you are going to release in this life. God can completely clear you of everything and you will be free. It takes a lot of healing and work. If you have chosen a lot of work to do, you will have spent many hours in healing therapies. It depends on your choices before incarnation. Flowering ( opening) of the heart is another awakening. There will be several as you go through your healing. There will be gifts from God as well. 

Enlightenment is something you would have chosen before coming to the planet. Enlightenment is no different than the other healings. It can occur after clearing all pain and fear from the body. It is a process. It’s not just one healing but many. I want you to understand that life is a journey. Experience life. You cannot sit in a room and constantly heal yourself without experiences. You cannot shut yourself off. Not this group. You are meant to go out and help people. Now if you chose to be a monk in the Himalayas that would be different. Your purpose would be prayer and bringing in the light. Your experiences help you on your evolutionary path. There are times when people are healing that they need someone to talk to. They need someone who can relate to what they are going through. It’s important to process what has happened. You can also do this through journaling. Go over your experiences, write them down, and review it later. It’s also good to go back and read your notes later. It helps to see where you were and where you are now. That’s important. It helps you to see what you have moved through. It also gives you a perspective on where you are going. Living in the now moment is a completely different lecture. I will cover that at another time. Keep working on being in the flow and being in the present moment. However, when you get to this point when you have flowered the heart and you are working toward opening further to God’s light, you will easily be able to stay in the now. You will easily be able to focus. You do not need to worry. You will not have difficulty with your mind. Your mind will be even sharper than it was before. You won’t have all that chatter going on in your mind as you heal. The chatter is really just your mind looking for solutions. Your mind is like a computer. You want to be connected to your emotions and your heart. The heart chakra will lead you, not the mind. Follow what brings you love and joy and what makes you happy. You can find a greater level of bliss and happiness in these high levels of vibration and consciousness. You will develop trust like you have never felt before. You can let go of fears. Fears are from the mind. It is the mind messing with you. Remember that. It’s all about the mind. Reassure yourself when you are feeling fear. It is just an emotion and part of the human body. Can you clear it from consciousness? Yes to a certain extent you can. If a lion is chasing you, you will feel fear. You will run and climb a tree to save yourself. As you work on your spiritual growth, you will come to a point where you will just trust and let go of worry. As you grow you will realize that life is not about being safe. Life is an experience you have designed for yourself. You can learn, grow, and see the higher consciousness and work toward that. You can see the higher perspective and the beauty of living in a physical body on this planet. Remember you are all light. You may be able to see and touch your body, but your body is all light. This is all good news.

You are always connected with God. You can sing and dance about this. God is always with you and he is a loving, a most loving and caring God. God wants you to be happy. God will work with you to help you find that happiness in life. God does not want you to come here and suffer. God will help you release the suffering and pain. Sometimes people will experience tears and difficulty with this release. The reason for this is they cannot see exactly what is behind the trees. The reason is because it is an interesting spiritual experience to go through. You cannot detach from it. You have to feel it and merge with it. You have to understand this is part of a past life and let it go. You have to walk through it and know God is with you through that entire path. You are never left alone. If you’re alone, call in God, the Archangels, Sananda, Jesus, or Mother Mary. You may call in any Master you like and they will help you feel better. As you merge with your emotional body, then you can release and let the pain go. Flowering the heart will help you with this. Flowering the heart is about opening your heart and feeling all the emotions including the painful and beautiful emotions. You’re here with an experience on the planet to learn and grow and move closer to God. Everyone here no matter who you are or what you have done in past lives may complete your healing and move into a blissful state. You are all experiencing this. No one’s life is perfect. From the outside it may look like your neighbors have it better than you. Do not compare yourself with others. Everyone has pain. If they say they don’t, then they are not looking at it.

As you go through healing, you will have transformations. It could be opening the heart or an enlightening experience. Merging with your higher self is a transformation. When you are able to release anger toward someone, this is a transformation. It’s a very important moment and you need to celebrate it. You need to congratulate yourself and celebrate this change. You will feel a lightness of being. When you let go of painful emotions from relationships, you will feel relief. Tap into your sense of humor and bring back that light hearted side of yourself. All of these aspects of yourself help you through life including family and friends. When you are going through difficult changes in your life put it in perspective as to what is most important in life. What is most important is to walk through the healing, learn the lessons and let it go. Then you can welcome in happiness, joy, and bliss. Remember that you are very powerful. Most people don’t see themselves this way. You can manifest what you want. You just need to let go of limited ideas and belief systems so that you can tap into your I AM presence and work with God. You all have intuition and know yourself. No one knows you like you do yourself. Trust yourself. Let go of worry and fear. See yourself in the hands of God. See Mother Mary and God holding you. The angels are always there and they have a great sense of humor.

Question about the name Kumara:
There are four members of the Kumara family who interact and work with the earth. We were assigned this role from God. The energies of the Kumara family are of the highest vibration and we communicate directly with God. You know who Jesus is. My light is the same as Jesus (golden light) except I also carry the violet light. I am Jesus and I was here as Jesus. This is the light of Sananda Kumara. You can think of me as the highest light of Jesus. It is my celestial name. I have incarnated many times on the planet to assist in the physical body which is a great honor. I have enjoyed this connection with all of you and this dear space as a healing center. We love all of you and look forward to interacting with all of you.

Healing Practitioners:
Many people do not know what healing is. Healing is the releasing of dark emotions within the body. God said, whenever two or more of you are gathered in my name, I will be there. This statement refers to bringing the healing light or grace to a person in need. You will need someone to help you with healing. I do this work with the channel for all people who request this service. I am happy to work with you as I channel through Janice McFadden. There are many people who provide healing services. We also provide energetic surgery as needed depending on the problem. If you want a session with the channel, you may review her services and contact information on her website.

Blessings to you,



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