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Sananda Channeling
June 11, 2015

The Light of the Self: Part 2

Welcome, this is Sananda. It is a pleasure to be here with you. The light coming into the planet is making changes quickly and increasing everyone’s vibration. It is time to help those that are asleep to awaken. One of the aspects of spiritual growth is stepping up to the plate when it comes to spiritual practice. Spiritual practice is your commitment to yourself. Your meditation, prayers, and activities going to spiritual events are this practice. Keep yourself aware of what is happening with the planet and what you need to do for yourself and your families. If you hear a message from your guides in meditation, you need to follow up and carry through. These are messages from your team and they are meant to keep you healthy, safe and help you. Write it down after meditation so you have the information.

As you heal yourself and go through healing your physical and spiritual body changes. The cells in your body are filling up with light energy. As you bring more light into the body, your cells will improve and change. This change will improve your health. It doesn’t mean that you are protected from anything you have contracted (planned in chart) for such as cancer. The light can heal and completely clear cancer provided you are willing to clear and release the emotions that brought it on. That is an example. The light will keep your body in balance and improve your mental focus. That happens over time. That will raise the vibration in the body so that as the changes occur on the planet you will be able to easily adjust to the changes.

During the lecture last week, we talked about awakenings. You know the initial awakening is opening to your spiritual self. It is a realization that there is more going on with the body than just a physical body, but that you have your divine soul. You are a sacred being and you have come here to experience a beautiful life through your emotions. Meditation can help you and bring in healing for the physical body depending on your relationship with the light and your divine. You go through a number of changes in the body which are awakenings. This has to do with your spiritual gifts opening, such as: clairvoyance (clear seeing), clairaudience (clear hearing) and claircognizance (clear knowing). As you go through these awakenings you learn more and more about yourself over time and about life beyond the veil. You will learn more about your divine plan and why you are here. When you go through these awakenings, it will make a clear difference in your interest in spirituality and how you view your life. It will make a difference in how you relate to friends, family and it will put you in an emotional state where you can handle difficulties easier. You will develop trust and faith in God and yourself. You begin to sense your heart center and as you become more sensitive emotionally, it makes you stronger. Most people walk around with armor or shields over their hearts. They have built up this protection from working in stressful jobs, living in families where there is abuse, and just dealing with the public. This stress affects the neurological system. You are human beings and you were meant to live in nature. You were meant to spend time outdoors enjoying the scenery with the earth beneath your feet. You need fresh water and air. Most people do not live this life unless they live on a farm. It’s imperative you spend time in nature. Walking in the park or walking around the block is alright but it is even healthier to walk on dirt trails. When you reground yourself with the earth this allows you to recalibrate your sense of being. It allows you to center, connect with your light and the center of the planet. This not only brings more light in the body, but it allows you to ground your spirit deeply in the earth and this makes a difference on the planet. Only then can you send light to others when you are grounded and this brings in healing for the body. It also brings in a safe calm feeling. It's good for the adrenal glands, consciousness, your physical heart, and all your organs to be connected to the earth. If you can find a place not affected by pesticides, I recommend lying on or sitting on the grass, sand, or dirt on a regular basis. This will help you in your life both emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually.

There are other awakenings as well. If you are working with the Oneness energies, the awakenings that have to do with Oneness affect the brain. This brings in a sense of calm. It allows you to relax more. It allows you to just be in the moment, rather than thinking about the past or future. This puts you in a state where you are able to manifest your future. Living in the now moment is how you manifest. You can write out your goals and use your thoughts to help you manifest. If you are in the now moment daily, then things will just come to you as you need them naturally. For example, if you are at work and you’re thinking I need to speak to Sally, she may just call you or show up in your office. You may run into the person you need at the grocery store. This is how manifestation works. This will happen even before your heart has opened. Some people are too frightened to look at their emotions and are living in the mental body. This method of using the Oneness energies will help them manifest their needs. These healings will help reduce their fears so that they can face their emotions and open their heart. Your thoughts are powerful, and that is why this method of manifestation works.

What is more powerful than the mind is the heart. As you work more and more on your healing, you can begin to open the heart chakra and clear your heart of negative emotions. This will help you to clear any negative emotions such as shame, guilt, anger, unforgiveness, fears and pain. These healings will help you be able to bring in more of your own light in the body. Your heart will help you manifest your dreams. Daily meditation, in the morning, is the time to reground, bringing more of your light in the body and calling yourself back into the body. Call in your Higher Self, your I AM presence and call in the presence of God to be with you. This will help you in your life to manifest. Eventually you will have so much light in the body, that you won’t have to do anything. You will be in the holy flow. You will be in flow with the universe connected deeply, and the universe will be connected with you. All that you desire will come to you. People who are successful have managed this. This success grows over time. Thoughts, words and actions all play a part in success. What will help you the most is opening the heart, healing the heart, and then you will connect with your Sacred Heart. Connecting to your Higher Self, your I AM presence, and the Sacred Heart is the key to manifestation. When you are able to do this, then you will be in the now moment.

Fear is a very difficult emotion to release. I’m saying this because it is a natural aspect of the mind. It is the way humans were developed and the way the mind is structured. The mind is like a computer and works toward solutions. Fear is programed into the mind. You can help clear this fear through the Oneness blessing. This blessing will bring in a very calm state for the body. Those that live in the Himalayas, such as the monks, develop this ability to release all fear. Their minds work better when they do this because they can let go of the distraction. Fear is a distraction. It may push you to act. Fear will push you to protect yourself or encourage you to act when you are in a stressful job. Fear does not benefit the body unless you are being chased by a lion and need protection.

Enlightenment is basically an accumulation of light in the body, changes in the crown, and raised consciousness. When I talk about raising consciousness it allows you to move to a level like Amma, the hugging Saint. She can hear everything from the guides. She doesn’t need to channel because she has a direct connection to God. The light just naturally flows to her. She started out meditating when she was young and progressed to channeling. Now she doesn’t need to channel because she can see and hear everything that goes on in the light. She knows immediately what your problems are because the guides are speaking to her as you go up for your hug. She can see your light and tell you what is happening or focus on the area that needs healing. Her consciousness has been raised many times. It is like she is living in the light but physically on the planet. Everyone can develop this level of spiritual growth. It takes constant work. When you get to the point of enlightenment, there is no fear, because you have the information you need.


1.  How do we implement these points with family members?

You can talk about it with them. Opening the heart and clearing the heart chakra of pain will help everyone. The whole body works together. The chakra systems work together. What affects the heart (emotions), can affect the liver. What affects the solar plexus (power center), can affect the intestines. What affects the sacral chakra (relationships) can affect the sexual organs and large intestines. If you have a communication problem, it can affect the throat and sacral chakra because these areas are related to relationships. The chakras work together back and forth. Therefore it is important in being thorough in your healing. It does take time. It all depends on what you brought in to heal in this life. When you have pain in the body, you need to find out what is causing it. The pain could be an emotional issue and often times it is. It could be trauma from a past life that needs to heal.

2.  Question about talking with family members about problems.
In all families there is give and take. There are days you let things go and days when you speak up and confront your family member. In all groups there is an element of give and take. When you notice a pattern in someone’s behavior, and you believe it is a problem or that it may affect their safety, it is important to mention it in a non-threatening manner. Sit down with the person and simply state how their behavior made you feel in your heart. They may become defensive or not want to talk about it. They may go away and slam a door, but it still helps them to think about their own behavior.

It is not easy to raise children or be in a relationship. As long as you are speaking your truth, you will keep your throat chakra healthy. A good mother communicates with her children and teaches them to apologize after an argument. This is done by example. There are going to be days when you are tired and you will not mention your concerns. You will go to your room and take a hot bath. On days like this, the bath is what you need. There is always room for letting things slide. If a behavior continues, then you have to identify it and express yourself with the person. Remember to connect to the love in your heart when you confront someone. Do not talk to them when you are upset or too tired. Your child will recognize that you love them and that you are concerned because it’s important for them. They may not admit it, but they will know it.

There are people who never think about themselves. They give to others all day and when they come home, they have their families to care for. At least once a day, that person needs to give back to themselves. They could do this by doing anything which is recognized as self-love. Examples include, reading a favorite book, taking a hot bath or meditating. Taking a weekend off just for yourself is also a good example. Self-love is something you have to think about on a regular basis. It might be a foot or hair treatment. It could be exercising. You are all so busy it is amazing you have any time for yourselves. That is the way life is structured in some countries. Community activities such as this are very good. Getting together with girlfriends is self-love. Share meals and stories. As you help others, they will help you. That is how friendships work. It goes back and forth.

3.  Question about people from other planets.
There are many beings here from other planets. These beings were called to come by God. They have a purpose with the planet to offer assistance. Right now that work is being recognized. All beings from other planets have healing techniques that work for humans.

This is Sananda. Thank you for listening.

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