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Sananda Channeling
June 18, 2015

What's Up Doc

Welcome my dear ones. This is Sananda. It’s a pleasure to be here. We have invited you here today to talk with you more about your evolutionary path and aspects of spiritual growth. I will advise you and provide a beautiful healing at the end. As Sananda, Ananda means bliss. Sananda Kumara is my full name. I have been involved with this planet you call home since its inception. I am one of the original volunteers who agreed to come here and help humanity in this school of thought, school of experience, school of learning and growth. I am the brother of Sanat Kumara. Sanat Kumara is the planet administrator working for God. I Sananda, have had many names, and many incarnations. Of course the one everyone recognizes is Yeshua who is Jesus. Healing the body is my specialty. I am one of and, there are many, original teachers on this planet. There are teachers who have gone unrecognized and many of those teachers are here incarnated to complete the work they started long ago. We have talked briefly before about the incarnations of Avatars, Sages, teachers, and healers. They are here in service, in many different avenues of service. As they incarnate on the planet, they too can develop karma. They too may be required to come back and complete certain lifetimes. For example, there are masters on the planet who have no karma and have returned out of service. There are also masters here who have returned to help others to help them clear their karma. It is all in collaboration with humanity working together in order to bring back a peaceful community. In order to reach this goal of peace, each person, no matter who they are, must connect deeply with their inner self or soul. They must heal, most importantly, their heart chakra. The physical heart has a great deal of light from the soul. Each person will learn to follow their heart, not their mind, which is all about numbers and calculations related to risk. Following their heart will bring the planet to peace. Healing past lives is all part of this depending on the person’s decisions prior to incarnation. If they have an underlying thread of turmoil which has been in every lifetime, this is the time to clear that turmoil. This is the lifetime to clear that issue. It could be fear of abandonment, distrust, or it could be any number of emotions which is difficult for that soul. People here on the planet have some very difficult past lives that need to be cleared. There are fears related to these past lives that need to be released in order to bring more light in the body from their soul essence.

The title of this lecture was “What’s Up Doc”. The reason I chose this title is because if an individual does not look into their heart, does not uncover the emotions housed in the heart chakra, these emotions of a negative vibration, can cause disease in the body. Despair, loneliness, sadness, anger, fear, hate, quilt, and shame are emotions that can cause diseases including cancers. I am bringing this up because I want you all to know that any disease can be cleared with the light. It can be completely removed. When one raises their vibration, with the light, and goes through transformation, every cell in the body (which has consciousness) is also filled with light. As each cell’s vibration improves and the dark emotions are released, each cell will work to improve your health. As the cells begin to align with divine soul energy, the problems that people experience in the physical body will disappear. That is what happens. The problems will disappear with the higher vibration of light that person brings into the body. This growth is all dependent on each person’s particular goals and life plan they wrote prior to incarnation. However I want to remind everyone you can progress past what you planned. You can evolve past what you chose prior to incarnation with the help of each other, with group consciousness, this is all possible. You can move beyond what you ever imagined. You have free will, free choice, and you are guided every day. As the cells align with the divine plan, the divine blueprint, the divine and sacred heart, you can walk in the flow of God, with the Creator to design and plan and bring about your dreams. The particulars of your purpose are decided by you here in the physical realm. Be free to create, be free to decide, what exactly you want to do. Allow yourself the freedom. Allow yourself the ability to plan what you want to create for yourself. For example, this channel knew when she was 12 years old, she was going to work for God in her later years. That’s what she wanted. She didn’t design, at that time, what that work would be. That was actually decided prior to incarnation. Her purpose is to channel Jesus — simply stated. She has the right to decide how she wants to do that. It could be channeling the messages and writing books, giving lectures with her own voice, or it could be actively channeling the voice of Sananda/Jesus. She chose to actively channel the voice because she enjoys the light. She felt this was the best way to bring in the message. Other people have decided to come in as spiritual teachers. They have been teaching in the evenings and at Sunday school in addition to their regular job during the week. That is a much easier path then taking on the channeling as a full time job. Each person has their choices to make along the way. You may be a healer in this life. That may be your purpose to bring in the light in order to help people to release the pain within. You could be a counselor. You could do distance healing. You could work part time or full time. You will still achieve what you wanted to achieve because you have free will and choice in how you will achieve your goals. Because of this free will, you will not be penalized when you cross over. You are the light of God, as you are connected to God through the I AM presence. Divine light flows through you on a daily basis. You may not be able to feel this light, but it is all around you and within your body at all times. It’s your choice again on how much light you want to bring into the body and how much you want to heal. I can tell you, the more healing that you achieve, the happier you will be, the more satisfied you will be, and the more at peace you will be. As you bring in this peace for your loving heart, for your own light, you will be grounding this light in the planet and the consciousness of the group. This will allow you to play a part in bringing in peace throughout the world. This is the Divine Plan. This is what God intended by sending all his healers, channels and teachers to the planet. As you walk through your stages of transformation, as you connect more deeply with yourself, and your heart center, you are basically connecting more deeply with God. You are never separate from God or anyone, or any animal, the trees or the planet. You are in collaboration and united on an energetic level with everyone on the planet. When you complete a good deed, you add to the positive karma for the world. When you hang onto stubborn grief, guilt and shame, that holds others back. I want you to understand. I want you to see yourself as liquid crystalline energy. See yourself as a flowing light, a soul, and a spirit. Your thoughts, words and deeds, do affect others daily. I’m not mentioning this to cause guilt. I’m mentioning this to give you awareness, to bring you further into the divine flow, to bring you this information — so you will find bliss and happiness. I want you to understand your piece of the puzzle, your part in the united whole, and so that you have a visual of your part on the planet. Your piece is very dear and very important. Your purpose is yours but it is also a part of the whole consciousness of the planet. I want to thank each and every one of you for your light, your courage, and your return to this planet with a divine united purpose of bringing in peace. Because of your decision to return to this planet I want to bring you healing at the end of this talk and I want you to know how much we appreciate your service. We love you and we support all that you do. Do not judge yourself, but accept and love yourself for who you are. You are perfect just as you are. You are a perfect piece of the puzzle, of the solution for humankind, for Gaia the planet, and for the divine orchestration of light on this planet. This planet is also part of the universe of the other planetary systems. This planet plays a part in the divine whole of all creation. Every kind word you say affects the Pleiadians and the entire universe. Now that is a big piece to think about. When you understand the consciousness around this idea and how important it is that you heal, it will help you to be part of the solution for peace, not only on this planet but throughout the whole universe. This is why God sent you here. This is why God chose you. Each of you has an equal divine component of that plan. No one is better than another. You are all part of the equal divine light working here on the planet. Understand that you all reside in other dimensions elsewhere. It is not just this physical body you see, hear, and touch. It is the divine light of your entire self, Higher Self, I AM presence and God’s light. This may frighten you but do not go there. Rejoice and accept it for you are part of the bliss. You are all part of God. God is always present with you at all times. You are with God and God is with you. You can call on God’s help at anytime, any place, past, present, or future. That is another talk. Let’s bring in healing now for the group.

All My Love to you,

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