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Sananda Channeling
June 26, 2012

This is Sananda. I am happy to speak to those of you listening. I have a few things to talk to you about. I would like to ask you to step up to the plate. I know all of you have done so much. Please get this message out to the world: Pray for peace, pray for the laying down of arms, pray for community healing, and pray for togetherness. To pray for peace is the most powerful action that you can do at this time on the earth. The earth is going through changes, but you are also going through changes in your own lives. It has not been easy even for those who are aware of their soul’s divinity with the creator. Even those of you who can see past the third dimension, and beyond the earth plane. You are still going through changes and not having an easy time with it. So I am offering love, understanding, and acceptance toward all of you. You still need to pray for peace within your own heart, peace within your own communities, and peace for the world. On many levels, you can bring about that peace by being a peace warrior, peace communicator, and teacher. There are many ways to solve problems and it can be done without raising a sword.  It can be done on paper, in a peaceful manner. It can be done by getting together and getting to know each other.  This can be done by going to a party, going out to dinner, playing a game, or going for a walk. There are many ways to work out issues both in the workplace, in your homes with your families, and on a larger scale between countries. In your meditations, in your circles I would like to ask you to bring in the energies of peace. I will do this for you now while I am speaking. So when you are in a meeting, in the community, call in the energies of peace and you will be bringing in a large group of beings, who bring in their love for those present. These are energies coming to you from the creator, and from those who have agreed to work with these energies. It is surprising how this group can bring in a peaceful solution wherever you are, whatever the discussion, or whatever the challenge you are facing. This will take some time for you to get used to. You can call in Sananda if you like and call in the energies of peace. However, you don’t have to call me in to receive the energies of peace.

There are many people who are fearful. The people in fear need love, compassion, and understanding now more than ever before. That can easily be turned around by using the energies of peace when you are with those people. Using these energies will help dissolve some of the fear they are feeling. They will tune in to a certain amount to the energies, although you will be more sensitive to them. This is why I bring this up. Many people who work with the light, pray, meditate and are aware, are very sensitive to those who are angry, fearful, and lashing out at this time. It’s not easy for them. Reassure them and help them to release the fear. You’ll need the right words and terminology that are appropriate for the particular people. Before you meet with these people, call in the energies of peace. They will help dissolve the negativity these people are putting out. These people see their glass half empty and you see your glass as half full. It’s a different perspective looking at the glass from a different angel. Remember to highlight the successes and positive outcomes. They usually tip the scale in a positive direction. Always highlight the positive aspects of a situation. For example, if you are at the store and someone is upset because they lost their keys, tell them, “Well you couldn’t have a better day to lose your keys. It’s such a beautiful sunny day.” Then help them calm down by calling in the energies of peace and help them find their keys or find a solution to the problem.

I have enjoyed speaking with all of you. Remember to call me in for your meditations.

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