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Sananda Channeling
June 28, 2009

This is Sananda. Thank you so much for being here tonight. This is a special time of year when the days are long and bright. I want you to know if you are here tonight then you were meant to be here. There’s a purpose in this. You may not know the exact purpose tonight but you will in the future. I have some special messages to give you this evening. Mary Magdalene is here with us in the room. She sends you her love and her encouragement for your work. I want you to know that the work you are all doing is very beneficial for the consciousness of others. You may not know it now, and you may not see the results right now, but it will affect many people. As you talk to people about spirit, sharing, and doing your healings you are helping everyone. You are in essence sending out a message to the rest of the world through others. This may include the importance of doing your own individual healing, connecting with spirit and doing your own inner work to connect with your own inner self. This is your Higher Self. Those of you who are writing books are the ones who are showing the way to the others. You are the leaders. People will listen to you. People are awakening. Different businesses are opening their doors to spirit. Businesses you wouldn’t expect including large corporations. They are looking at alternative methods of healing. They are listening to those that are knowledgeable about the care of the body in terms of detoxifying, eating right, and treating the body in a way that it was meant to be treated. This includes involving the spirit. There are still those that are stuck in their ways, that do not want to open their eyes and see the truth. They do not want to change. Resistance to change is a strong feeling among many people. Soon they will be forced to change due to changes going on in the earth and the environment. I encourage you to continue your meditation, reading books, teaching about spirit, reaching out to your neighbors and sharing your love with others. You don’t have to feel like you have to move a mountain to get something done. Sometimes the changes occur in the small stuff. Helping your neighbors, working at the community level with your community leaders, working with the businesses in your town where you live. This is where the change starts. Talking to others and getting involved in small groups like the PTA or small groups where you work. It all starts on some level and then progresses. It goes out in the consciousness like a wave of understanding. It is an understanding of love. Most people in the world do not want war. They want change related to their governments but it’s the individual change within one self that matters the most. Meditation, and prayer, is the most important to begin with. I am referring to healing the soul. This is what will move you forward on your path. Community involvement is important but make sure you are working on yourself at the same time. Even if you meditate once a day, that’s a start and then just increase the time. The mornings are best for meditation however what ever works for you is alright. If you need to meditate in the evening that’s alright. In 2009 there are more people going out in the public sharing their gifts of channeling and healing. More books will be coming out related to spirituality. It will be more main stream. The metaphysical bookstores are wonderful however these books on spirituality need to be more main stream so that they will reach more people. More leaders such as Amma will be coming out around the world. They will be going out sharing lectures and sharing their gifts. Even more radio shows will be hosting spirit awareness topics. You may see more shows on the TV related to spirituality.

I love you all. Call me in during your meditations and prayer.

Blessings, Good night,


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