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Sananda Channeling
July 26, 2009

Greetings this is Sananda. I welcome you. This is a time of joyful celebrations. You are coming closer to a time when you do not have to sit in your living rooms to channel. People are awakening daily. You may have noticed some of the people out on the road lately. They are not completely in their body. Some people are working on a multidimensional level and they’re not sure what’s happening to them except they feel like they are not all there. They have not awakened — yet their soul is aware. They are not consciously aware of what is happening. So you see the word has to spread. More news has to travel, weather it’s person to person, over the internet, over the news channels or the radio regarding the coming changes and the changing times. It’s beautiful from our perspective. We see a tapestry of light moving forward with their work and also new individuals awakening. The beautiful aspect of this is there are enough lightworkers who can help these individuals. This is happening more in private then in public. Those who are awakening don’t understand what is happening except all of a sudden they feel an intense need to get their life straightened out — to focus, to organize, to let go of those things that don’t matter, and to find something that is meaningful for them. This may include their work, spirituality, the right mate, or the right living conditions. They just know they feel drawn to do something new, to changing. Many people are handling this by going inside introspectively. They may choose yoga, meditation, going out in nature, or going on long walks. Whatever appeals to them is what they will move toward. This is happening even on a society level. The words mind, body, spirit are very common. So you see society is actually getting to the point of supporting this change. This is huge from our perspective. It may feel more like a natural flow to you because language commonly changes. This is a natural change that happens with language but it is really related to the consciousness of individuals and then society in general. It is a huge shift as people are sensing. This will make huge changes for the people here in this group. There is no need to hide away. People are more open. For example, people in large organizations, people you wouldn’t expect to talk to, like the elderly, about spirit, they’re more aware and more open because they are wiser. So this shift, this change that is occurring is not just in the U.S. but worldwide. I know you don’t necessarily see that, but it is. The earth is covered in white light. It’s energy that’s making the changes. It’s the light that’s making the change. The other thing is not only is there so many angels and Masters working with you but it’s beings from other planets – light beings are here to assist you. They are willing to show themselves to those that are awakened.

Ancient texts will be coming forward also as a part of this shift. Information from thousands of years ago will be popping up in unexpected places. Books will be coming out with this information. People you would not expect will get a hold of this information and this is all determined by spirit. Only those people who are prepared in their heart. Only those people who are trustworthy, and not coming from a need to make money, will be chosen for these jobs. Certain Masters will be working with these people who will bring out the ancient texts, the secrets, and the mystical teachings. Information that has never been shared will be brought forward for everyone- not all at once at course. It will come out slowly, one after another in a very sequential and organized fashion, designed by the Creator- coming all directly from Source. This will happen in the next two to three years. I’m telling you this to uplift you and bring you the good news. All is being looked at and taken care of. Every detail has been reviewed. All based on the Divine Plan and at the appropriate time period. If anyone wants to sell you an opportunity to go to a mystical school, it is not really necessary to spend a large sum of money. It should not be a mystery. These teachings are for all of mankind and not just a chosen few. These secrets are not supposed to be secrets. These secrets are supposed to be shared. It is part of your inheritance as a human being. For example, meditating and connecting with the divine is available for everyone. Providing Reiki healing is for those who are drawn to doing healings. It is not something to be kept from people. This is an excellent gift. It allows people to heal themselves. Of course it’s not as powerful as working with someone else such as a healer, but it is a very beautiful method for self healing. For example, to deal with pain, to relieve a headache, or to soothe an aching ankle. This should be available for anyone to use. It is spirit working through you to help you feel better. People working with the light will be opening schools to teach healing to others. Of course more advanced methods will be available as people from other worlds share their information. More complex methods of healing will be available soon. Working with people from other worlds and learning these complex healing methods will take five to ten years at the earliest. Mankind as a species still has more evolution to go through. Nothing is impossible. When you are working with spirit everything is possible. There are people who do not believe this. As more people learn to meditate, they will see they can self heal even in meditation. I have spent many lifetimes as a healer. It is my preferred choice of work. So that is my focus this evening.

I would like to take questions and answer your concerns:

1. Question about the crystal children:

Children that are born awakened have a very difficult road. They are crystal children. People do not understand them because they talk like Masters. Beautiful, beautiful children. They are so precious and so needed. These children are very brave to come in with this ability and it is a great gift from the Creator and the Divine Mother watches over them. She protects them. They are very well prepared for their incarnation. They are schooled by the greatest Masters. They are born with a sense of serenity, a calmness, a knowing and when they speak, they speak with such determination and such knowledge that no one argues with them. What they speak is the truth and others look at them with awe. I myself, when I was born as Jesus I was awakened. It was not easy. However, my Mother was prepared which made it easier. The mothers of these children are very special. The children chose these mothers for a reason.

2. Question about the soul after physical death of the body.

Souls go to school when they cross cover. They go to many classes to prepare for reincarnation. The soul group will work together to set the Divine plan or path.

3. Question about why there are so many awakened people in California.

California is very close to Lemurian history and close to the area where Lemuria once stood. This is part of the reason. The US is a leader in the world and the American people will be leaders for the world in turning back toward the light. Bringing in more light. The people in this country are opening their hearts and have a cultural history of being open and friendly. This sets them up to be leaders. It all starts with the heart and right actions for right reasons. There are other areas of the world that are more enlightened. India is an area that is more enlightened. I know there are problems there, but that is related to other factors. In general they are more awakened. The light there is so beautiful. Hawaii is another area. You can feel the love there also. Lake Louise is a place with more light. Any sacred site will be more uplifting.

4. What types of Higher Selves can people have?

There is the Higher Self which is your spiritual self. That is the part of your self that is not required to reincarnate. There is the I Am Presence which is your Godhead or Godself. No they are not identical. The Higher Self sets the direction, sets the course for you in your incarnation and works with you during your lifetime. The Higher Self either benefits or not from your life. So the Higher Self is motivated to work with you and help you during your life. There are some people who are so disconnected from their soul that the Higher Self is not able to work with them. Not in a way that would assist them. The Higher Self with continue to work with you. They will never leave you. However, it makes it very difficult if someone is disconnected from their heart.

5. Question about angels.

Angels have incarnated and are here to provide service. They come in as teachers.

If there are no more questions then we are complete for now. I Love you. Call me in during your prayers and meditations. Good evening.


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