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Sananda Channeling
August 10, 2008

This is Sananda. Welcome. There has been a lot happening in the Light realms. We have been very busy preparing for the earth changes. I do not want to alarm you but the earth will be going through a lot of changes, this year and in the years to come. The best thing you can do is to prepare your hearts. When I say hearts, I am talking about your soul. It is important to remain calm, say prayers, do meditation on a daily basis, and help self and others. Many people have been affected by fires in Northern California. They need your prayers. Many animals have been displaced from their homes to areas where they are not familiar. They need water and food. Call on Archangel Ariel and Kuthumi to help them. They are specialists in this area of animals. There is also livestock that were moved including horses, farm animals, dogs and cats. Many of the families who have firemen and women working have been worried and fearful due to the trauma. Remember them in your prayers. Some of these families live in the Bay Area. Many firemen were injured. These are brave men and women who have needed your love and light. Their hearts are in the right place and deserve recognition and your love and light. Many people have been concerned about earthquakes in California. Scientists will tell you, you are overdue for an earthquake on the Hayward fault line. Earthquakes and fires are part of the natural process. The earth is overpopulated and people are living in ways that put them in harms way. It is the way mankind has organized the cities. Pay attention to your inner voice, intuition and do not be overly fearful. Pay attention to the signs in the body. Check in with yourself in meditation. Check in with your spirit guides and angels. I do not want you to think that our Creator would bring on a major earthquake to punish people. Our Creator does not want to punish people. That is an old way of thinking. Our Creator is working diligently with Mother Earth to facilitate her growth, her personnel growth. Storms help cleanse her of the impurities and pollutants that have contaminated her oceans, rivers, and land. So you see it is what we call a natural process. I am not at liberty to share if there will be a major earthquake or not however, it is good to be prepared.

It is better to focus on your own futures. Prepare yourself. Prayer and meditation certainly do help. Think about your daily activities, thoughts and words. These thoughts and words do go out into the universe and can affect the general consciousness. Simple acts of kindness can help you toward ascension. Helping animals, the poor, the needy, and even your neighbors can help you. When you do simple acts of kindness, it is like a chain of events. One good deed affects another and it continues like a wave- like a wave of goodwill. This wave goes out into the world and affects many others.

The aspect I would like to discuss is your own personal healing. The more you work on your own personal healing, the more you affect the population. It also assists your Higher Self or I AM Presence because as you heal, you heal many lifetimes of pain and suffering, of anger, distrust, and fears. This healing of one, goes out and helps others. So when you heal yourself, you heal others. You are forgiving those who crossed you in other lifetimes, and in this lifetime. It is clearing karma. So when we become happy because you are doing your healing, it is not just because you are healing yourself, but those around you including your loved ones, your friends and relatives from other lifetimes. It affects all those people. It not only helps you, it helps the healer that assists you, the angels, and guides that are helping you. They are helping you to move forward. When you achieve your goals, everyone benefits and it goes out to the general consciousness. It brings in more peace, more caring, and more light.

The earth right now is completely surrounded by light. Beautiful, beautiful white vibrant light. There are so many angels and masters here assisting the earth, you and preparing your hearts for ascension. I urge you to take this message out to your friends and family members. Let them know that a simple prayer can take them to a place where they can receive help. All people have to do is ask for help. Angels are here to help you, assist you and there is much joy in the light realms when you receive your help and you realize it is from the light realms.

I will take questions now:

1. How do we pray?

When you ask for help in prayer it is important to say “I’m asking for healing for my highest good”. For example, “ I pray for your assistance with this issue as long as it is for my highest good.”

2. What is the Elemental body?

It is the aura, but it does affect the physical body. When you meditate, you receive light from angels, guides and Masters. It is absorbed by the different layers of the aura. There are different layers. It is all part of the aura or what people call the etheric body. The different layers work together and work with the physical body. It is also part of the spiritual body. Light is sent into the aura. When Janice channels, it takes two to three days before her physical body absorbs the light into the cells.

I love you. Call me in during your meditations.



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