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Sananda Channeling
August 14, 2012

Blessings, this is Sananda. Welcome. How are you feeling this evening? Remember in your meditations to call in Mother Mary. It doesn’t matter what religion you follow. For the Masters in the light will come to you. They love all of you and the religion you follow has nothing to do with the amount of love coming to you from the light. In the light we are all one. We are all one family under the Creator, under Source energy. We are all a part of that energy. We are all a part of the Creators energy. So as a result, we are all essentially connected and all one. This message is to help you understand that your feelings of separation have nothing to do with reality. The truth is you are never separated from the Creator and you are never separated from the light. You are all part of this Divine Plan. You are all part of this Divine universe, connected as one to one another. You are one with your family members, your neighbors, people from other countries, and people from other cultures. If you have ever traveled to other countries, you will know what I am speaking of. There is a great deal of connection between human beings. You all have love in your hearts no matter who you are. You all have the need to be accepted and loved. You all have an understanding of what it means to be human. You all have an understanding of what it means to be on the earth plane, and to feel all the emotions the human body can experience.

Your soul, your consciousness is made up of light and that light is all a part of creation. You are all able to communicate in the physical body or in the light. Eventually many of you will be telepathic. You’ll be able to hear each other’s thoughts and understand each other’s challenges and emotions. This will open the heart even more. Understand that everyone on earth no matter how they appear struggles and works through their own issues. Whether it is a leader of your company or someone who lives on the street, you have similar emotional challenges based on the particular lifetime or the particular time in your life. This helps you to open your heart and to be more sensitive, caring, and compassionate for those in which you are in relationship. On the earth plane, you are here to learn and to teach, no matter who you are. You all teach each other just by being in relationship. The more you learn and understand, the more wisdom you take forward to your next life or incarnation. This allows you to continue the growth process toward enlightenment and the evolution of humanity.

You are all loved more than you can imagine by the Creator. The Creator is a loving source of energy. The Creator is pure understanding, and pure unconditional love. When you think of the Creators light, think of yourself. You are all connected to the light. Those feelings of guilt, shame, pain, and separation can be released now. Think about it. Do you want to suffer? Do you want to be in pain ? No, forgive those who have hurt you or neglected you and free yourself. The pain in your heart is there because you put it there. It’s there because you accepted that pain. There is no reason to be in pain my dear ones. Let it go, release it. Say goodbye to the past and be in joy. Be free. Love yourself. Forgive yourself. Forgive your neighbors. Forgive other countries and leaders. Let it all go. Do not hold on to anger and pain. Do not hold on to regret and shame. Do not hold on to those emotions that are dark. The guilt must be released for you to be free. Your freedom can be gained by your own allowance. You are in charge of your life dear ones. Not the Creator, not the Masters, and not your guides. You are in control of your life and your spirit guides are your best friends. They offer you suggestions, reassurance, love and healing. But they are not in charge of your life. You are. You planned it and now you’re playing it out to see how it goes and to see what you can do to learn more. Open your heart and mind and allow yourself to heal. Do not blame others as you planned your own life. You have your own perceptions and issues to work on. Whatever you have brought into your life such as friends or situations, you created it. You and only you can accept or reject your path. You have choice, free choice on this planet which is what allows you to be so creative, free, and experience the love and joy which is right there waiting for you. The Creators light is with you at all times. Reach up dear ones and allow it in. Reach up and ask for your I AM presence to connect with you and you will have a constant stream of the highest vibrational light. You are in charge of your life. All you have to do is open your heart and your mind to bring it in. Allow it to come in. Praise the Lord. Bring the light into yourself. Do not blame others. You and only you are in charge of your life. Feel the power dear ones and the opportunities. Feel the freedom and unconditional love from the Creator. Rejoice and go play on the playground. Your inner child will jump for joy when you reach this moment. This is the moment when you forgive yourself and others. This is the key dear ones. Do not hang onto the pain. Let it go. There is no need to complain about it. Just release it. Go and have fun.

Blessings to you all,

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