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Sananda and Mary Magdalene Channeling
August 17, 2008

Welcome. This is Mary Magdalene. I am so happy to be here to speak with you all again. I have much to share this evening. The most sacred place close to the Bay Area is Mt. Shasta. Mt. Shasta used to be part of Lemuria. Lemuria was an ancient civilization where there is much love and assistance in that region. The people living there at that time were very evolved and what you might call awakened. There were healing temples with crystal healing beds. Women and men worked together in the healing temples. They were considered equals at that time. The women were priestesses that worked in the temple. They were healers and honored by the people. The men were priests. Their purpose was to heal and help others on their path. You might wonder why someone would need healing in such a beautiful place. The purpose of the healing was to keep the immune system functioning properly to support the body. There were always accidents and issues related to relationships. Human beings always had issues due to relationships and emotions. Emotions are beautiful aspects of the human body that assist humans in understanding their feelings. There are many alien species from other planets that do not experience the range of emotions that humans do. I know that at times emotions are difficult to deal with. There are physical changes in the body when one experiences anger, joy, and grief. These emotions tell you what is going on in your heart. It’s a good thing. The challenge is for you to be able to handle the emotions and manage them in a way that you do not lash out and hurt others. For example in the issue of anger, it’s always best to wait and work through the emotion before you sit down and talk to the person to express yourself. Some people have to wait a day or two. Others can move forward in a couple hours. It depends on the particular individual. In the issue of grief, it can take many months if not a year to work through that emotion. Working with the chakras and the light, we were able to assist them to move forward quicker. Therefore, we assisted in maintaining the harmony in the population. It was very acceptable at that time to send people to the temple for healing. We were happy working there. I was a priestess in the temple. I have many happy memories of that time. The landscape was beautiful. We had a well structured frame of managing the people that was fair. People were able to speak their mind and work together. There was much love. Of course that was not my first lifetime. I had many lifetimes before that. Otherwise I would not have risen to the level of priestess.

So you’re probably wondering why is she talking about this.  I think it would be a good idea if you traveled to Mt. Shasta and connected with the energy of the mountain. Go on some short hikes and do a meditation. You don’t have to go up to the top of the mountain to feel the light. If you go up to Panther Meadow you will be moved by what you feel there. There is a shape of a heart on the mountain. It’s due to the Masters who reside there and share their love. Many of the ancient sites throughout the world are still very active and have the Christ consciousness— the energy of love and transmutation. You don’t have to visit every site, but its important to at least go visit the closest one which is Mt. Shasta. Many people have come home from there and were completely transformed. People receive amazing healings going to the mountain.

The headwaters of the Sacramento River are considered sacred. It is safe to drink. The city park has a spring. It is sacred water and is blessed daily. There are many people who have seen me there. I realize that St Germain has a strong presence there and people call it his mountain, however there are many Masters there. You will find your meditations are more powerful on the mountain. It is easier for us to communicate with you there. There are reasons for this. One it is not close to the cities and the type of chaotic energy of the city can affect your ability to feel the peace. In the mountains you can be more receptive and your mind is more clear.

I also wanted to talk briefly about the oceans. If one goes down to the ocean and sits quietly, you can also pick up on the energy’s there as well. There are many spirits that tend to the animals of the ocean. The dolphins are more awakened then other species of the ocean. They are more intelligent and they have a beautiful heart. People can learn a great deal by watching them. They work together and support each other. They send love to each other. They joke, laugh, and experience joy in ways that are indescribable. They communicate telepathically not only with one another but they communicate with humans as well. If you go into meditation at the seashore and the dolphins are listening, you may be able to communicate with them. You can ask your angels to assist you in connecting with them. They are also considered lightworkers of the animal kingdom.

I will take questions now.
1. Is it true that one could be a human in one life and a dolphin in another?
No, that does not occur.

2. Is there a relationship with Jesus and the historical Buddha or Krishna?
Yes Lord Krishna was a previous lifetime of Jesus. He will answer more about that.

3. During the time you walked the earth did you know someone by the name of Simon?
Yes Simon was a disciple of Yeshua (Jesus). He was part of our group. He wasn’t with us at all times. There was a small group of people who were very close to Yeshua (Jesus). He was not one of those people, however he was still part of our group. Some people refer to Peter as Simon Peter. He is not the person I am speaking of. Peter is Saint Peter. He was very very close to Yeshua (Jesus).

I must leave now and allow Sananda to speak. Blessings, This is Mary

This is Sananda. I am so happy you are here. I would like to answer your question.

1. Is there a relationship with Jesus and the historical Buddha or Krishna?
Kirshna is part of my soul family. Buddha is not. However many of my teachings, when I was Yeshua, are very similar to the Buddha. When I was Yeshua, I channeled Master Maitreya. So many of the teachings he sent through me were related to Buddha’s teachings. Master Maitreya was a Buddha and that’s why the teachings are similar.

2. What is the soul family?
I am Sananda and I have had many lifetimes. One was Yeshua (Jesus) and one was Kirshna. We are directly related. Then there are lifetimes they are more related to that occurred after them. It is like a large family tree. Think of what the branches of a tree look like. Our soul family tree is Sananda. Yeshua and Kirshna, are both encompassed in the energy of Sananda. Aspects of the soul of Yeshua completed lifetimes after that. Does that take away those individuals power? No, they are part of the family. Does that change their purpose? No. It is difficult to explain. People try to relate to one Master or another and in essence they’re trying to understand where they fit in the big picture. It’s better not to get hung up on that. Everyone has a different purpose. Some people have a purpose related to a past life and some people are here to fulfill a purpose for their Higher Self. It’s all coordinated to the Creator’s Master Plan. It’s like a web.

I will go for now. I love you so much. Goodbye for now. You can always call me in during meditations.



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