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Mary Magdalene and Sananda Channeling
August 30, 2009

This is Mary Magdalene. I am so happy you are here. I have been looking forward to this all day. I have not come in to talk with you for awhile. I have been very busy lately. I have been preparing lightworkers, working through channels, and looking at plans for the future. You may not realize this, but we have all your plans laid out in an office in the light realms; our meeting center. As we work with you we make a few changes, fine details on your plans. You see, you come to the earth with a general life plan. As time goes on, based on your wishes, we make some changes, or fine tuning on your plan. We work with you while you are sleeping, sometimes sending you dreams, helping you to think through exactly what it is you want to do and when. We (the masters) serve as mentors for you. We serve as guides and advisors. We work on the High Councils or what you might call a committee — when we need to make larger decisions. We must always look at how it will affect the higher purpose of everyone involved. When we ask you to have faith, when we tell you to trust, this is why. You are protected, so guided, so provided for, and you don’t realize it. I have come here today with several messages, one being that there is no reason to worry, no reason to be concerned because we will be assisting you and are constantly helping you. Sometimes we have sent you visions of the future to get your creative juices moving. This helps you think about the future and where you want to be in that future. Do you want to move, do you want to stay where you are, or do you want to do teaching and healing. The major details have all been laid out but we assist you with the fine details such as who do you want to work with and with who are you comfortable. Are there other people that you still need to meet? Are those people willing to work with you hand and hand to bring through the future? All these details, so many people to talk to, so many people to connect with. You will be connecting energetically with these people in the divine light before you ever meet them on the earth plane. When those important connections occur we rejoice and celebrate. We are so happy when we see your plans and the creators plans come together for fruition — to bring about a Divine Compliment or a Divine Relationship where you’ll be working together or assisting each other or even mentoring each other. So it has been very busy. 2010 and 2011 will be incredibly busy years; way beyond what you may even imagine. So I have brought you here this evening to assure you that all has been taken care of. Now I’m going to ask you...does this mean that you relax, put your feet up, watch TV. What do you think that means...anybody??

E. A.: It means do what you feel called to do and trusting that this or something else is going to work out for the higher purpose.

M.M.: Yes, trust yourself. Trust your heart. You will know if its heart felt, that it’s something you really want to do. You will know if it’s the right thing. Now if you want to meditate or take a day where you really just want to take a walk in nature or even go out to lunch with a friend to comtemplate...then go ahead and do that. Take that time for yourself. Do some brain storming with friends. Friends can be great assets to you advice. The messages are very often from us....coming directly to you from a friend. Take that time to plan and create. If you’re not sure what you want to do, take a creative writing or pottery class. Pottery is good because you’re working with your hands. What this does is it works the right side of the brain. It helps you bring in that creative side of you, that beautiful creative side where you work together with your I AM presence in alignment in designing your future. Know that whatever comes through for you in that state is the right thing, as long as it aligns with your heart. When you are painting, drawing, creating music, or writing you are in a state of mind of creation and being in the present moment. That is when the magic happens. That is when you come through with what is coming directly from your soul. I’ve talked about this before but I’m bringing it up again because time is imminent. Time is pressing on you my dear ones. So I’m asking you to get out your paint brushes and sit down and really think about how you want to carry through with your plans. Do you think you can do this? Does it sound like fun? Like something you would enjoy? Of course. I wouldn’t ask you do something you wouldn’t enjoy. So be happy my loved ones. Be joyful. Pray and ask for information if you need to. Sometimes the information comes out of the mouth of babes; possibly a crystal child. Possibly an inspiration or an inner knowing. You could hold a meditation where everyone gathers round and asks for messages. This is very helpful for you. Your guides are also helping you.

So I AM here for many things.
1. One to reassure you — have faith and trust.
2. Two to encourage you to use your creativity and design your future.
3. Three for another important message. You are all coming close to the end of your time of healing. I want you to know that as you heal and you feel lighter and more free — you will still have tests along the way....along the path. You may have an argument with a friend, or a disagreement. This is normal. Just make sure that you make up with that person, and you communicate so you don’t end up with any karma related to it. Your hearts are very open, and very beautiful. Your auras are sparkling. It makes our hearts sing to see your beautiful auras and spiritual bodies. You have much love in your hearts. You’re very capable of sending love and light to your friends and co-workers. You’re very capable to bringing forth the message of unconditional love. You’re very capable of bringing through the peace that the creator is working for. I know at times the road seems long and hard, steep and endless, but keep going. From our perspective it’s a beautiful dance as you move forward sharing your light with others. If you can even understand the beauty you are sharing with Mother Earth, you would be dancing with us — Joyful, happy. The Creator’s plan for the next few years is coming forward beautifully. So many Masters, angels, Archangels, and guides are here to support you. I need to have Yeshua (Sananda) come in now.
Blessings and Love,
Mary Magdalene

This is Sananda. Mary is a beautiful Master. It’s a joy to hear her speak and share her heart with you. Some of you are right on the edge of a major transition — feeling like you’re ready to jump off from a starting point. You might call it coming out of the closet, going public, or putting your money down on the table. However you feel it in your heart, it can be terrifying. I know. I’ve been there many times. I understand what you’re going through. You’re wondering, “Am I ready?” “Is my heart ready?” “Have I done this before?” The truth is you have. You have all carried through on a spiritual path and purpose in more than one lifetime. You’re experts at doing this work. I know you laugh — Yes you are experts. If you could only see all your beautiful lifetimes. All the work you have done for your soul, for your Higher Self. All the healings and channelings you have done. You have come a long distance to this lifetime. So when you are at this point, there are fears that come up. Recognize them. Don’t let the fears take over. Release them. Ask your angels and myself to release them. They’re going to be coming up. You’ll feel them in your physical body. Just recognize them and let them go. Call in your Higher Self. Say, “Please help me release this fear”. Bring in the light to transcend and transmute it. Bring the purple and golden light into your meditations. Keep your spirits and vibrational frequency up. This is a natural process. Don’t worry about what people think. Know in your heart that you are doing what is right. Call in your angels to help you. You’ll be alright. You are all supported and protected in your plans. Dream what it is you want. All of the fine details have not been decided. So you can add ideas. Just don’t add too much. Some of you get really excited and you want to add many projects to your plan. Do not do that. Go with your main purpose and plan around that. If you add too much, your plan gets too big and it gets to the point where you become frightened. Start small. You will soon find that you are very comfortable working with the light. Talking to the public, writing, doing healings, and working with people who are of like mind. You will find the right people to work with because the angels and masters will bring them forward for you. Trust in that. Trust in the connections occurring. Before you know it, you will have the very person you need by your side. It will feel like it’s someone you have met before because you have and you’ll know. Your heart and gut will know. You’ll say “Yes, I have found you” When you get those urges to go somewhere, you need to act. If you sit in your homes and say, “Oh this is too much.” What does that do? When you get the urge to go somewhere, and you don’t go, then that blocks you from the flow. If you ignore your inner guidance it will be alright. Your angels and masters will not give up on guiding you. Your Higher Self knows you will eventually you have in other lifetimes. Don’t worry, you will get another chance. If you follow your lead (intuition), you will have an amazing moment of synchronicity. Have faith and trust. Trust in me and yourself, your angels, guides, and the creator. Act. That is the key to the synchronicity. If you are concerned about your intuition, read a few books on the subject. Practice some exercises with friends.

Questions and Answers:

1. Question related to getting along with loved ones: If someone pushes your buttons, it’s a mirror. That is expected for this time period. Those buttons show you what you need to work on. Write them down. Know that usually it has to do with the ego. It may be an important aspect to look at within yourself. Your loved ones serve as your mirrors. I can’t stress this enough. These buttons that irritate you are what you need to look at. Meditate and ask for guidance and assistance in healing these issues. You will receive it in a way you can understand. Don’t be discouraged. You can go for a reading or a healing. You can get a different view point from a reading or an idea on how to move forward on the issue — on what is important and what is not. You’ll get clarity on what the priority is. It’s alright. Do not feel that you are weak because you are working through these issues. They are related to your core. They are difficult to heal and can bring on much emotion, frustration, and anger. It’s difficult to let go of bad habits because these are your core issues. When you understand what bothers you about the issue, a light bulb will go on that will tell you how to deal with this issue. Hypnotherapy is also good. Many times these core issues have to do with past lives and can easily be healed and cleared. Many times you bring in pain from past lives because you brought them in to heal. These core issues are what you have planned to clear up in this lifetime. They’re not to be taken lightly.

2. Question related to 50 doves that flew over to an individual sitting in the park and touched his head with their wings. The animal kingdom has always been very aware and connected to nature, spirit, and the earth. If you have an experience such as this, then these birds are connecting to you as it relates to your consciousness. They pick up on your vibrations and the messages you send weather you’re conscious of it or not. They are attracted to you. “I felt a love connection”: Yes this is happening with many animals.

3. Question: “How many other beings from other dimensions do we share this planet with?” Human Beings are of the earth. They may have had past lives on other planets in other areas of the universe. Everyone here on earth is human. You do not need to worry. This is a blessing. Many of these souls are here to work with scientists, others are here because they want to experience life on earth. Are their souls any different than yours? No. A soul is a soul. A divine creation from the creator. It’s not something to be concerned about. There are no aliens here planning an attack. The creator would not allow that at this time on the earth. Science fiction books and movies can alarm people. It’s not true. Beings from other planets in your atmosphere are here to assist and help humanity.

4. Question: “Can you tell us about lifetimes you’re currently having on Earth, or a person we would recognize? I had major lifetimes doing spiritual work. I’m not going to mention the names because you wouldn’t recognize them. Many times I have been here incarnated and had some wonderful lifetimes as a healer. They were not documented other than with my soul. In fact, I cherish some of those lifetimes more than my life as Yeshua.

5. Question: “Why is it we know that lifetime so well?” Because of the message I brought through. I was also here as Krishna. I was here as a leader many times — both male and female. Every being, every soul must experience male and female lifetimes. If they do not, then they lose the balance between the masculine and feminine. They become too masculine or too feminine and unbalanced. There are souls who resist coming in as the opposite sex. It is their choice. It’s to their detriment if they do not experience both. The wise should incarnate as the opposite sex from which they are comfortable. As the soul progresses toward enlightenment, it doesn’t matter if they are male or female.

6. Question: “Is that why there is the problem of females preferring females and some males preferring males, because they don’t want to experience the male or female side?” That’s a good question and somewhat complicated. That is part of the issue. It could be that they meet someone from a previous lifetime they connect with. They feel a heart and sexual connection. Then they may choose a lesbian or gay lifestyle. This is their choice. This is their lifetime. The Masters and the Creator do not judge these people. I know some of this information may offend or surprise people. If one chooses to be attracted to one of the same sex, that is the person’s choice. It’s not going to affect the population. Many of these couples have children. They want to share their love with a child and that is beautiful. It can be challenging to go down this path. If two males have children for example, they would need to find a feminine role model to help raise these children and work as mentors for them. A close relative would be helpful. These people who choose these lifetimes are very brave because they are teaching others about unconditional love. I am glad you asked this question. The more people hear this message, the more people will open their hearts and come forward with the message of no judgement. Humanity needs to heal from this feeling they need to judge. This is a major issue that needs to heal at this time. Give these people love. Welcome them into your homes. They just want to be accepted and loved. [Sananda conducted a group healing at this time.]

Call me in during your meditations or prayers. I am here to serve. I love you. This channeling is complete. I will leave for now but know that I AM always available to you.

Love and Light to you all. Good evening.

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