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Sananda and Mary Magdalene Channeling
September 21, 2009

This is Mary Magdalene. I have come in this evening to speak with you about many things. One of the projects that are near and dear to my heart is the peace movement. This is a project that you will hear me speak about very often. This is one of the main reasons my spirit is here working throughout the world to bring about peace. My voice and my message will be heard more and more in the coming two years. My voice, my truth, speaking from my heart about peace and unconditional love. Humanity has gotten to a point now where it is time to make the shift. It is time to let go of the weapons, to put them down and to finally learn what it means to trust your neighbor. It is time to communicate, to collaborate, and negotiate a peace. This would be a sustainable peace. The love vibration with this new shift will bring about many changes. One is the opening of the heart chakra. This is not just here in your smaller community, but everywhere. This shift is occurring and it will grow in 2010. Yes you will still see those people who have much anger. This is normal. You will see people that are simple minded or focused on their own small issues not looking out for others. This does not mean that these people cannot awaken. They are very capable and with enough support they will be able to make the changes. They will be able to make the shift in their own lives. How is this happening? How do you think we are going to get there? It’s all about communication and connections of lightworkers. These groups of lightworkers will be connecting across the country, across the oceans, across the seas, and reaching out to one another with unconditional love. There is nothing like the vibration. It’s very recognizable. You feel it in your meditations, and you feel it in your heart when you feel empathy and love for another person. You feel it when you see poor people, people who are sick, and people who are in need of assistance. It opens your heart. I know you feel it for your military men. They are trying to be team players, troopers, heroes, and protectors. They don’t particularly care to be doing what they are doing. They are surviving. They would rather be home with their families, holding their children, coaching their sons, and yes even washing their dishes. They miss their families terribly and deeply.  When you see those signs, support the troops, send love to them, send pink light, and Christed energy. Send your blessings. When all of this is over and there is peace in the world, these young men and women will need to heal. They will have a difficult time. When you have been trained to be ever ready, when you have been trained to focus on protecting yourself from an enemy, that is a pain that is very difficult to remove. For some people it takes many lifetimes. Send them your prayers and light. In those areas where there are fighting, visualize sending light. Many lightworkers are traveling there at night while they sleep. They are assisting those that are crossing over, and sending light to those that are helping. This is great work that is being done. Connections with lightworkers is very important right now. It will strengthen the ability to communicate these issues to others throughout the world. If you go to a conference or a channeling, or a function where you can meet others, reach out and make those connections. Share cards, whatever you need to do to connect in that way. In so doing, you will connect the dots all around the world. Meditations for international peace are extremely powerful. More than you realize.  Peace is the main goal on earth and healing. In order to get there what do you need?? You need unconditional love. It’s all about love. It will take much work before this peace is achieved. Things are actually happening very fast, and much better then you may realize. One person can make a huge difference. Short conversations with acquaintances if helpful. Always frame your conversations around joy, and the love connection with your heart. I encourage you to reach out to others. Let people know about your visions, and about the channeling’s you attend. Let people know about energy healing wherever you go. Find a segment of the conversation where you can add a bit of  information to help someone by talking about angels or Masters. People are so open. Don’t worry about being judged. They will remember about what is being said. When someone else says something similar, they will connect the dots and they will seek more information regarding this. They will read books, channeled books, and books about the concepts of mind, body, spirit. Imagine that. People taking care of their body as well as their spirit at the same time.

These are all the teachings that the Essences taught back in my day when I was here as Mary. It was all about mind, body and spirit. Taking care of the body was very important. It was about health and using natural methods of caring for self. Of course humanity will be moving back toward this direction only it will be on a large scale. This will take effort, and time, but the Creator has a plan. The Creator is very involved in all the events that are occurring. It’s all very well orcastrated and planned. So there are other things that are occurring as well and the Creator has given permission. The Masters and the angels are so close and active at this time as well as light beings from other planets and other star systems. At this time people you wouldn’t expect to have experiences are having them. So you think the only way you know we exist is from your meditation, but those that use prayer are also having experiences and are wondering what this is. Their hearts know what it is. We are visiting the leaders who are strong including those that are strong believers in the different religions and faiths around the world. They are having experiences. They are not talking about them but they are starting to wonder. This is joyful to see.  It’s opening their minds and hearts and it is joyful to watch. It is fun sending love to these people. They are very beautiful. These are people who are not typically clairaudient or clairvoyant but they can feel the energy. They are having experiences and it’s happening everywhere. 2010 is going to be an amazing year. We are preparing people. We are using you as lightworkers to communicate and help these people. So if one of your friends asks you who it might be, tell them an angel or a master. It maybe a brush on the cheek, or a pat on the arm. These are the kinds of things that are happening. In the light realms we are playful, so we are having a fun time with this. This is done with joy, love, and light. It’s encouraging to watch the colors of their auras change. More people are going to energy healers. The word is spreading fast. The Archangels are helping this come about and the legions of angels assisting them. So everyone is very busy from where I sit.

I would like to take questions:

1. How can I help people find peace?

I like the idea of you doing meditation classes and reaching out with your beautiful heart and your beautiful soul. Find opportunities to teach. You are all teachers. This is your best opportunity. Of course talking to all the people you meet is also an excellent plan.
Reach out to the public. The channels are getting messages now and into 2010 to go public. As this happens people will be more open and looking for meditation classes. Invite your business associates. Explain the benefits. There are many health benefits from meditation. Remember to use practical information when you speak to people because that’s where they are coming from.

I will let Sananda come in. Thank you for being here this evening. Blessings to all of you.
Mary Magdalene.

This is Sananda. Greetings my dear friends. I am so glad we are doing this channeling. This is really needed at this time. There is much to prepare for in the coming months. There will be many projects coming forward. Keep looking for these opportunities by reviewing your emails from friends. Know that you may be called on to assist. You may be assisting to help with channelings, you may be called to assist with advice, and to assist with these larger projects coming forward. Examples are environmental projects, and even writing projects. Go out meet people, and go to functions. If someone invites you and it’s a good time, then go. Reach out to other lightworkers, go online, and hook up with other groups. Talk with your friends. A good opportunity is when Amma comes in November. Your hearts will tell you if it’s the right one. You will know if you need to get involved here. Always use your hearts as a guide for knowing if to accept an invitation or not. The reason I’m saying this is that the next 2 years are going to be amazing years for those working for the light. They will go straight up their light rope. They will be working. They will be doing what their hearts desire. When the time comes, you need to be aware of what’s happening. If you need to go to a reader, a channel, or a clairvoyant for more information please do. When you’re working, you may miss an opportunity. So you need to go for a reading now and then. Make plans for your future and prepare. Don’t stop planning. Plan ahead as far as you can for what you want to work on and be aware and available for those events where synchronicity might occur.  Activity is going to increase. You’re going to start hearing things on a regular basis from people about projects that are occurring. These are light projects. So you’ll know from your heart if your interested in this work. There is something for everyone. Plenty of work. So the time has come when things will be easier. People working with the light tend to be behind the scenes. More people are public now with their channelings, readings, healings and projects. The internet is a good place to connect with other people doing this work. Some of the information is not accurate so just be aware.

Archangel Gabrielle also wants you to remember to check his channelings. Part of the grieving process Gabrielle will be talking about is leaving your old self and accepting your Higher Self. Change is not always easy, but you will find more and more joy as you start working with your Higher Self.

Talk more about unconditional love. Most people don’t understand the difference between love and unconditional love. Even people of the light don’t completely grasp this love. It’s because they are not used to feeling like this or thinking like this. When someone does something to make you angry, you either retreat or you fight. There are very few people who go to love. You really have to step back a moment from your own emotions to be in love with someone who’s angry. Keep talking to people about this concept of unconditional love. It’s something people are not used to. They don’t receive unconditional love. They’re used to receiving conditional love although they don’t see it that way. It’s a different way of looking at these emotions. There will be some lessons coming along the way regarding this. It will be in front of you and you will recognize it. Don’t beat yourselves up if you fail the test. The test you will receive will be to increase your awareness. So those who are teaching this have sometimes the hardest lessons, which is good because they can write about it and explain it. Sometimes it takes someone else to show it to them, someone they love, a reader, a channel, a teacher or a friend. We are using every opportunity available to talk to you…so watch for that.

We are even talking to people who are in prayer. Sometimes they hear and sometimes they don’t so we are moving forward. If you hear of anyone talking about the world ending in 2012, please set them straight. We don’t need fear. You’ll mark a time when there is a huge opening of unconditional love, acceptance, and peace. It will be a time of change for humanity as it is now but it will be progressively changing over the next three years. The love vibration will be very strong by then. The message will have been given by then. Lightworkers will still be very busy writing books, teaching, running classes, workshops, and projects. There will still be plenty of work at that time. Get your self prepared. If you need time off, take it now.

1. I’ve been reading the Telos books and I was wondering if there was a particular ray of color that is best for me now?

All colors of light are healing. It’s your preference. There are different qualities with each color that may be better for one thing or another but they all heal. It’s all healing light. Call us in and we will provide what is best for your highest good. We will give you an experience that you will need.

2. Question about ghosts.

Typically when souls cross over, because of the change being out of body, it’s difficult for souls to get organized enough to plan another lifetime. They enjoy the flying and being able to go wherever they choose. It’s enjoyable to them. Their progress is slowed down if they come back to the earth. They can enjoy going to a movie, going to a performance and they don’t have to pay. If they come back to the earth plane its difficult for them to go back and get prepared to return to incarnation. That’s why it’s so important if people are seeing ghosts to send them back because it will benefit those spirits. You have to agree that you would enjoy the same. There is no judgment there. That is why spirits get stuck on the earth plane. They need permission to go back to the light, they need direction, and they need assistance to go back. When Shamans or healers work with them and send them back it is a great service to that spirit and to the progress of that soul.

I will go for now. I want you all to know that I love you always including blessing you, checking on you, and sending help. Remember what Mary and I have told you. I send you unconditional love.



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