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Sananda Channeling
October 19, 2008

This is Sananda. I am so happy that you are here and I AM so happy to be here to speak with you tonight. I wanted to talk about 2009.  2009 will be a pivotal year in the years approaching 2012. 2009 is a critical year for lightworkers to move forward on their paths. I realize that making these transitions is not easy for you. There are some people who can make changes quickly and there are others where it takes longer for them. Each person while on their path may have certain steps to go through or certain transformations to move through. Sometimes this can be a rigorous and difficult process. As you know I have encouraged you to complete your healing. The reason is that once you have completed your healing, it makes it easier for you to do your work. You see once your body is completely clear of all the pain and suffering from both this life and past lives, you are able to receive your Higher Self. This is a very large step and a huge transformation. You see the last part of that is letting go of the ego. I know how this feels for you. I have gone through it myself more than once, many times. It is almost like hanging off the side of a cliff and wondering where you’re going to land and if you will land safely. You need to have enormous trust in the Creator and yourself. So these last few steps are very difficult, but they are possible. I suggest that when you get to this point to work closely with your Higher Self. If you are not clairaudient, then I recommend you work with someone who is. Choose someone who can do readings to assist you through that process. More of your gifts will be present at that time. It will not be all that difficult in knowing when the time has come. You will be so happy when you have completed your healing. You will be so excited. You will be reaching for your Higher Self saying, please help me. Help to guide me. This has to do with daily prayer or meditation to help you through this. Once your Higher Self has come in, you will have the power and the knowledge. You will have everything you need to move forward. There will be no doubts and you will know what it is you need to do. You will know your purpose and you will be very well prepared by then. Once your Higher Self comes in to merge with you, if it is meant to be, you will be meeting with your Divine Complement. You will be meeting more members of your soul family. So there are huge changes in 2009. Many people will have reached this point in 2009. Others will still be completing their healing. You see once you have reached that point, it will be easier for you and your life will be filled with joy and happiness of the highest vibration. At that point you are at one with your Creator. There will be no obstacles. As you are meeting more members of your soul family, you will be supported and you will be reaching out to others and supporting each other in a network of lightworkers. It has been part of the Divine Plan. It will be the Divine Plan. Yes the Creator is always creating but the main parts of the Divine Plan have already been set. The main intersections have been set. You will not need to worry about meeting your Divine complement. It will happen and you will feel it in your solar plexus, in your gut. It will be more of a claircognizance, a clear knowing. It will just be something you know. Your guides will talk with you of course, but you will know. The plan is that you will be working with your Divine complement. You will be teaching many things. You’ll be meeting people, doing healings, helping people with their diets, community work, working with children, working with the elderly, working with the governance of your community, and working for peace. The existence of your star brothers and sisters will be known in 2009. You’re probably wondering what I mean. This means that most people will accept the knowledge that star people exist and they have been visiting the planet. More people will be channeling and doing healing work. There will be such an abundance that it will be accepted by most people. It will be difficult not to become aware of energy healing. People will be flocking to healers when they find out how great it is to release their pain without having surgery. Of course many healers have different techniques they use. They call it different names and so people will try out different healers and that is just to be expected. More people will be posting signs outside their business as Energy Healing Centers. They will not need to go to the Psychic Fairs. They’ll be able to do this work in public. I suppose you’re wondering if the healers will be criticized. Of course. There’s always someone who criticizes and it’s usually someone who’s ignorant and has no idea what it’s like to go to a healer. There are many people stuck in their ways. They will be the exception. They will be a minority. Your news media will have more programs on energy healing and channeling. In 2010 it will increase as you move toward 2012. The number of lightworkers doing their work and the number of people awakening will increase. The reason I’m telling you this is to keep you moving along at a forward pace. You do not have to sprint. No one expects you to race to the finish line. Isn’t it true that the turtle finishes first? The rabbit runs around in circles. Don’t feel bad if you’re moving at a slower pace. You’ll get there as long as you keep putting one foot in front of the other. Keep learning new things, learning more about your purpose, and what makes you happy. Your purpose is designed to make you happy. You designed it before you came to this incarnation along with your Creator. When you learn your purpose, you should be very happy.

I will take questions:

1. Question about work stress.

The inner world can help you with your outer world. In your workday, you’re very busy. You’re very much in your head, and working through deals. Where you would rather be is in your heart more. Well you are a lightworker and a very powerful one. You can be in both places at once. You can be in your heart and your head. Your mind is a very important instrument and a very important part of who you are. Dealing with numbers will not hurt you. Being a successful business man will not hurt you. I suggest when you are at work to call in your Higher Self to assist you. There you will get creative ideas to connect your inner and outer world. Call in your Higher Self and believe me, you’ll be having fun at work.

2. How do we help people who are not awakened?

Call in spiritual help from Archangel Michael. Have no fear. Bond together with your neighbors. Form a community and go out and teach others. When you have an open heart, others will see that you are open and loving. They will not want to hurt you. You have the ability to help people ground, to calm down, to say a prayer or do a meditation. You will be working very hard once the earth changes occur. You will be very busy helping people. All of you will. You won’t be able to go anywhere around town without running into someone who needs assistance. Make sure you protect yourself in the morning with a beautiful ball of golden and purple light. Do your meditations to stay in the higher frequencies and that way you will be able to share your light. As time goes on it will be easier for you. Call us in and we will be there for you. You have to trust your Higher Self.

3. Will I meet my Divine Complement?

Everyone has a Divine Complement. Couples working together are stronger than when you are by yourself. It’s always better to be with a Divine Complement than to be alone. You can support each other as you face the challenges in the years ahead. It is the plan.
It has been the plan for a long time. Even when I was here as Jesus, Mary Magdalene was my Divine Complement and that’s why we worked together you see. She was envied and criticized because of her friendship with me. But that was the plan. We were teaching people that this is the way it should be. Men and women should be equal complements and champanions for each other. It is not something you have to work on. It will be something that happens when the time is right. It is not something you can make happen. Spirit will work with you on that.

4. What is the soul family?

There is the soul group and that is a group of souls who have agreed to work together through generation and generation. They are all different souls but they are a group that works together and that complements each other. They serve as good mirrors for each other.
Your soul family are made up of people who have the same soul (or Higher Self) or similar soul as yours. They’re a member of the same family tree. They can be souls who are related, but not necessary in the same physical family on earth. Your Higher Self is a large energy who has many people here working on the earth. Work with your Higher Self. If you sense that someone is related ask your Higher Self. You can get confirmation on this. You know when you meet someone and you really connect. A Divine Complement is a stronger attraction…..much stronger.

5. Can we alleviate the impact of the earth changes?

There will be unchangeable earth changes that will occur since they are part of the Divine plan, however the timing may change. Prayer and meditation can help.

I want you to know how much I love you. I watch over you. Call me into your meditations or if you need more light.


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