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Sananda and Mary Magdalene Channeling
November 16, 2008

This is Mary Magdalene. I wanted to come in to tell you how well you are all doing. Your spirits are very beautiful and positive. You are healing from the negative aspects. You are filled with more light every day. We are very happy with your progress. You are sharing your light more and more during the day and for that you can be proud of yourselves. The transitions you have gone through have not been easy, especially on this earth plane that had so much negativity. It is clearing now especially in this beautiful country of the US. You are leaders. You and all the lightworkers in this country. You will be leading the rest of the world very soon. The world looks to this country as leaders. You set the tone for the rest of the world. Your work and your writings will go forward and just even communication on a daily basis makes a huge difference. It is like a chain of events. You have probably noticed that the words transformation, energy, and light are used on a regular basis in communication in companies. You have seen it on your TV commercials. You have seen it and heard it at the bank. Consciousness is changing and it is all because of the work you have done. It is your communications, talking to others, sharing parts of yourself with neighbors, friends, and relatives. I know you have to be careful how you say things, how you phrase things, and who you talk to. You can always share your light. You can always talk about the Creator. You may use common terms that most people understand. Now most of the community will not be open to a channeling in general, but I can tell you that a lot of people would be interested in coming, just to see what it is all about. It may not be their primary focus. Most people feel more comfortable with prayer rather than a meditation and that’s alright. You can still have a short prayer before a channeling.

I know that you are all very happy about the election. We have been celebrating. The Creator has been celebrating in his own way. He has been very active lately also. He is doing his own type of flyovers. If you hear him in your meditations do not doubt. He knows every one of you and every single one of the lightworkers for that matter. He knows about every thing going on, on this planet including what is happening with the animals and the earth.

The changes that are about to occur will come forward rather quickly. Time will increase in speed. You may think things are going fast now, it will go even faster in the next year. 2009 will go by in a flash. So for those of you who are planning to write books, or start a business, now is the time to start planning it. Work with your guides on this and if you are not clairvoyant, work with friends. Remember even if you are not clairvoyant, you are still guided. You are guided on a regular basis. You may not realize it. Thoughts guide you. You may not think so but if you continue to get the same thoughts over and over, it’s from your guides. So if you are planning to progress, start dreaming, start creating as if you are your own creator or artist. As if you have a palette and you are designing your future. Now is the time to start that. In fact starting creative projects would help you on that path also. Paintings, sculpture, photography or anything that is creative will help you in planning your future. It will help you in designing what kind of life you see for yourselves in the future. Think about who you might want to meet. You can easily manifest it in meditation on a regular basis. Manifestation is basically like you are praying what you want. Picture it, ask for it and call us in. But you have to do it daily in order for it to come about. Believe it or not, someone may come knocking at your door to tell you that your dream has been granted. I know at times you still have doubts that your concerns are not being heard. They are being heard daily. The Archangels relay messages that come in and out to get an update about what is happening. So if you have a special need, let us know. We will be creating along with you and your Creator is very much involved. Reach out, make more friends who are also of like minds and like interests. The more friends you have, the more support you will have in your work. You were not placed in this area by accident. This was all designed. Some of you, your incarnations have been planned for three generations, if not more. It is no mistake that you are here.

I will take questions:

1.) How do we care for our bodies related to detox?

Your bodies are more traumatized by the toxins in your environments. As you move into the higher dimensions you need to continue to detox. Footbaths every one to two weeks is very good. For a full bath it works more on your body, but don’t over do it. Take vitamins and plenty of fluids.

2.) How does Russia view our new administration?

Be aware other countries have their eye on the US and the new administration. They are looking at their own needs in their country. Both economically and politically and they are trying to figure how they fit in the picture with this new administration. So they have been carefully watching Barak Obama’s and Joe Biden’s speeches, but Barak Obama never did list how he was going to get all these things done. They have high hopes for good communication. It’s not just the lightworkers who want peace. It’s felt throughout the entire world. Every country wants peace. There are large amounts of people who want peace. They are so tired of war. They are so tired of the posturing and these plans of attack. They want to live, love each other, and be happy. They want their lives to be supported in a positive way. They don’t have the answers. So they are going to look at this new president for support. They are going to want to communicate with him and because he is younger, they are going to want to bring him up to date. They have their doubts, but they feel hopeful. At least they know that they have someone that they can maybe talk to.

I will go for now. I have enjoyed speaking with you this evening. Blessings.
Mary Magdalene

This is Sananda. How are you all this evening. I feel that Mary has said it all. What can I tell you other than we have been celebrating. We know now, that the plans we have made can now move forward. Not just for the US but for the world. All the channels are preparing for 2009. There is much activity in terms of preparing. This is not a time to relax. More outreach needs to be done. There are so many people who have not awakened who are stuck in their old belief system. The channels will go out unto the world and carry the message that comes from the Creator through many Masters including myself and Mary Magdalene. So many Masters. All the Masters that were called in, and the Archangels such as Chamuel, Raphael, Gabriel, Michael, Ariel, and Uriel. Even the star people from other planets will have channels. There will almost be a flood of channels going out and among them, there will be certain leaders who will progress faster. Those leaders will be leaders for the world in the future. The books that are being written as we speak will support those people as they move forward. Ariel will have her own channels bringing information about the earth and the animals. It is so needed. The dolphins need a voice also. Mary Magdalene will also have channels. It will be like a world wave of light. There are many that have called me a revolutionary. That’s alright by me. Not everyone likes what I have to say especially those in power. I don’t know why. All I have is good things to say. It’s all about love. Doesn’t love make the world go round. Certain circles think money makes the world go round. Well they just don’t know the power of love.

I know many of you are wondering why the alien starships have not appeared. They will appear. They are trying to find the right moment. They do not want to frighten people because they come in peace to help the world and serve the people. The scientists will be especially happy to meet them but there are health professionals who could also benefit from their technology. This will come to pass. Surgeons will be amazed at how they can do surgery without cutting the skin. Your surgeons will have a long way to go to learn what it is that they do. They will need to learn to be healers. There will be a great need for schools of healing. Your star brothers who are experts in this area can help you with this. It will be a great way to interact with your star brothers and sisters. They are healers and they do it without pain and they can use anesthesia which is energy- not medication. They can probe the body in ways that does not require the harse radiation that you are currently using. No x rays will be needed. The chemotherapy will not be necessary. There is so much for you to learn and of course that won’t be right away. You will go through a lot of changes before you’re able to work hand in hand with the star people. However, the world community will know of their existence very soon. These changes will be eight to ten years from now.

Enlightened Masters who have connected with their Higher Self will be going out and doing lectures in 2009. You all know Amma. Mother Meera is another example. She is connected with her Higher Self which is why she is able to do such fantastic work. Amma can help you a great deal on your path. She is able to follow up with you in the light. She checks in on you to see how you are doing. She communicates with Mother Mary and the Creator to get the word on you. She is very concerned about her children- sons and daughters.

Sananda then conducted a healing for the group. He brought in the Great Central Sun energy for everyone’s Sun Chakra. This is healing light directly from Source ( Creator).

I love all of you. Take this light out to the world.



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