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Sananda Channeling
December 21, 2008

Good Evening, This is Sananda. I want to thank all of you for coming tonight and for sharing your love. I was pleased when I heard you were having a dinner. It’s good when people get together to share conversation, the food, and the drinks. It’s good for the soul and it’s good to get out and socialize. So many people in this world spend too much time working. It’s important to have these gatherings, share information and maintain communication with each other. In answer to your question, we cannot taste the food. Being in this physical body (for the channeling) is an odd feeling. I have done it many times before as a human. It’s a little tricky. I’m so happy to be able to come in through this channel and speak to you and share my love, share my feelings and my light. Most people are doing channeling in their homes. There are a few who have ventured out into churches or halls. People are still somewhat afraid to come out of the closet per say. It will be alright. More people will be open to this form of communication with spirit.

This is a significant holiday today as the winter solstice. It has been a time of celebration for many generations. In places where there are colder climates this is a hardship for many people, especially many years back. It would be too cold for people to do their work. For merchants, it was a time of year when people didn’t have much money or resources to purchase items. People had to store up for winter. They canned food, and prepared meats that would save for the winter. This was something they were used to. Now in this age of high technology most people don’t do that. The reason I’m bringing it up is because it was a time when people would get together in small groups and share food and stories. They would sit around the fire and share funny stories or stories that had meaning. It was all ages, young and old. There was a time when people were not (as you would say) spoiled. Now people sit around the television instead of the fire. What happens when the television is playing? What happens to the conversation? It stops doesn’t it? People are just absorbing the messages from the television. They can’t argue with the television. It’s not healthy and it is not why you are here on this earth. I’m bringing this up because I’m encouraging you to have more group parties and have more group prayer or meditation.

I want you to know that more people will be moving toward alternative methods for health. If you are planning to do healing or forms of alternative medicine, the opportunity is there and the doors are open. People are waking up more and more now and it’s more than you realize. As healers open their doors to the public, it will become common practice. There will be more opportunities for you. On a high note, the Archangels can’t wait. They can’t wait for the people to open their doors. People you would least expect are waking up including scientists, physicians and people in the technology industries.

They just don’t know where to go to find information. If you are here, you are part of the group who will be offering your services in whatever form that is, weather it’s writing a book, making a movie, writing poems, doing healing, channeling, giving lectures or massage. Whatever it is, you will be part of the group that will be helping people awaken. You may not even realize that you’re helping people by just talking with them. You'll be having side conversations, sharing information about spiritual books, and sharing information about essential oils. All this is helpful. Even conversations with each other have helped. Keep encouraging each other. Go out on a limb and share spiritual information with colleagues even if you wouldn’t usually do this. You may be afraid. You do have to be careful, but you can share some information. You could share a book title or the name of an enlightened author. It might perk their interest.

Sananda: What do people want??
Audience member:  They want love and freedom.
Sananda: Yes freedom of choice.
Audience member: They want spiritual empowerment.
Sananda: Yes I like that. What else do people want? Acceptance and peace, peace. They want to get together with people to pray and meditate. They don’t want strict rules and they don’t want to be judged.
Audience member: How about really good music?
Sananda: Oh yes,
Audience member: Music where anyone can sing and carry a tune.
Sananda: What instruments?
Audience member: Drums
Sananda: Yes, the younger people like the drums and strings. There should be more gatherings for these people where they can feel free. It can be non-alcoholic and drug free of course. More young people need to share their light. They have a lot to say and share. There are lightworkers who are young teens. They need a supportive structure where they can come forward. In fact, they are the more brave ones, but peer pressure can affect them.

You’re probably wondering if I like this time of year at Christmas. The gift shopping has gotten out of hand. People do want to make their loved ones happy with gifts, but the frantic shopping is not good. They should be home having parties, sharing information, stories, and laughing. It’s not my birthday this time of year, but I appreciate the focus on my birth in that particular lifetime. I do go to the churches and send love and light to those who have come to share prayers. I do appreciate the flowers, and the beautiful people and My Father…. And My Mother do as well. I encourage you all on Christmas to pray for peace. Pray for peace with your whole heart and soul. Pray for the children and the elderly especially. Pray for those that have lost their jobs. Pray for your leaders so they will find solutions and strength in community. Of course pray for the earth.

I’m willing to take questions:

Can you tell about merging with the Higher Self and if the ego dies?
Sananda: The ego flattens. It is there but it is not active.
Audience member: Is the ego dormant? It doesn’t interfere with our purpose?
Sananda: Yes that’s right. You won’t notice it. The ego can pop up and cause all sorts of problems.
Audience member:  Will it stay dormant once we merge with our Higher Self?
Sananda: You’re Higher Self will see to it that you won’t stop meditating. Your Higher Self will be directing you during the day.   
 Audience member:  Where will those messages be felt?
Sananda: In your heart. Yes you will be lead by your heart. You will do what draws you or what you feel drawn to do. You will feel emotional about it. It could be to write your book or you’ll do whatever is drawing you. You will realize it is coming from your soul. It will be a strong draw and you will be happy.
Audience member: Does this happen before you merge with your Higher Self?
Sananda: Your Higher Self starts working with you more and more as He/She sees that you are on your path and doing as you should such as meditating or prayer. It’s easy to get lazy. I’m not saying you are lazy. It’s difficult to motivate yourself. Your Higher Self will come in and give you thoughts to motivate you.

I am so happy you were here tonight. I’m glad you shared food and joyful energy before the channeling. I love you all so much. I will go for now. Remember to call me in for your meditations. I can help you or bring angelic beings to you who can help you.
I send you all my love,


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