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Sananda Channeling
December 21, 2009

This is Sananda. I have been looking forward to speaking with you this evening. As you know this is a very special night and a special time of year. This is the season of lights. It is very symbolic of the light in your hearts. The light that you shine so brilliantly. The light that you share with friends and family, colleagues, and clients. I want you to know from our perspective you are doing a beautiful job in sharing your love and compassion with others. Your lights shine very brightly, so much so that you attract people to you. Your manifestation abilities are very strong right now and will get stronger as time moves into 2010. As the 2010 year moves forward many of you will start progressing swiftly with your work. Some of you will be taking a light rope straight up. Your wings spread far and your perspective will be the big picture. Your evolution is taking off and with it your abilities will increase. This includes, your ability to tune inward, your ability to connect with self, your Higher Self, including your Godhead or what you call your I AM Presence. So what I am saying is, you are moving into your powerbase becoming stronger, and more aware. You have compassion. Your hearts are opening and soon you will be moving faster than you expected. This is happening all on a prayer and a wing with us by your side, guiding you, cheering you on, knowing that you are ever capable of bringing more light to your world, your light to the world. By doing this, by reaching out, you will make a difference in the lives of others. Just talking with people in the grocery store is helpful — or acquaintances.  All it takes is simple things like feeling more gratitude, more appreciation and more love for your neighbors. This will happen gradually —not so much that you can’t tolerate your progression. The Creator is ever compassionate with you. These changes are not easy. I know myself how difficult it can be. I encourage you to call me in, call in your Higher Self, call in the angels and guides who work with you and tune into their assistance.
So overall the weavers have been busy weaving your tapestry and putting together your plans. We don’t expect you to move mountains, so don’t be too hard on yourself. If you do not know your purpose, it is time to find out. It is time to start focusing on your goals, your purpose and your lessons. The more you know, the easier it will be for you. I want you to know Mary Magdalene sends her blessings and her love. She is not going to speak this evening, but she is working with you in many ways. She’s overseeing your plans and assisting you. I am here to reassure you and bring you good tidings for the future. 2010 and 2011 will be very busy years. In some ways it will feel easier because as more people awaken you will have an easier job. Those of you writing books will benefit. You may even review book offers as the population becomes more light. There will be a greater need for literature and information regarding moving toward enlightenment. There will be new information and new channeled information like a wave of light coming forward.

I will take questions now:

1. Can you give us an overview of the economy for 2010?

Currently there is a lot of fear in the populous related to the economy. This fear brings on more fear. As you know thoughts are very powerful, so it is best not to fear changes in the economy. It’s best to look for creative ways to solve issues related to currency. Some people are turning in their cash money for gold. If you have money to save, it’s a good idea. If you need your cash for living expenses it doesn’t serve you. I encourage you all to look for methods of bartering. I’m not saying you have to go to a full system of bartering, but it’s a good idea to consider bartering for some services. Look at creative ways to trade. Positive thoughts surrounding the economy will benefit you. However, people working with financial institutions tend to be in fear which can adversely affect the outcome. No matter how the economy turns out, you will all be provided for. And your needs cared for. You will be supported by the light. Use good common sense regarding finances. If you need to talk to a financial planner do so with careful consideration. Many times they don’t provide the best advice. If you can set up your finances with a net then do so. Investing in different products is a good idea as well.

2. Can you talk to us about calling in protection?

You are always protected by your angels and guides. If you feel fearful you can call in Archangel Michael for extra protection. Often times you leave your body at night while you are sleeping. There are always angels with your body when you leave and a portion of your team goes with you when you travel. However, I want you to know that your etheric body ( the part of your spirit that travels) is very powerful. Your soul is with your body but your full power is not there. Always call in protection before you go to sleep. Always ask the angels to cover your body with protective light, like a capsule of light. If you feel you have the need to call in Archangel Michael to surround your home with angels, by all means do it. There are plenty of angels out of work. They will come and are present when you call them.

3. Can you talk about personal and group karma?

A large percentage of the group karma is clearing, but not completely. Each individual has their own karmic lessons in this lifetime. As they work on their healing they will evidentially clear it but they must continue working on it. Most importantly is your karma with loved ones including family and close friends. Those issues over time will be worked through. If you have arguments with friends or family, work on clearing them. If you feel you cannot talk to someone you can send them love and light and clear it in meditation. It must be true heart felt love. Find it in your heart to forgive others. All forms of energy healing are beneficial. The best way to tell is when someone pushes your buttons. There is a reason it bothers you. These issues need to be reviewed and healed. It may be an issue from a past life or early childhood issues from your current life. Many times you bring the same issues forward in time from a past life. This is planned in order to assist you in healing and clearing the issue.

Sananda now conducts a group healing session :
I would like to share my healing energy with you. Take some deep breaths and prepare yourself to receive. I will guide you through this process, Mary Magdalene and Archangel Raphael are here to assist me. There is a beautiful circle of love in this room- golden Christed energy flowing hand to hand in a clockwise fashion in this circle. This Christed energy benefits your etheric body. This is energy you will retain for three days. Raphael and Mary will work on you individually. Do not be alarmed. They are here to assist with your evolution. There is a goblet or challis of beneficial energy going around the room. So take a deep breath and drink this nectar of Christed energy. Allow this light to brighten your auras, to cleanse your pain, release your fears, open you minds, and hearts. Some of you may receive a light crystal from Mary. Do not be alarmed as this will assist in your healing. You may feel some pressure. Just breathe it in. Mother Mary and Saint Germain send their blessings and encourage you to have more joy in your lives, and feel lighter on your feet. Find the humor in your predicaments and do not take life so seriously. You are receiving a veil of blue light to calm your nervous system and it will help you get a good nights sleep. Think of this light as soothing ocean water flowing over you like a waterfall soothing your muscles. Let your cares flow down to Mother Earth washing your cares away. I surround you with my energy this evening, giving you a beautiful embrace of love and light. Thank you for being here this evening. I enjoyed watching you party and have a good time. Love and Blessings to you. I will leave for this time period.

Have a blessed holiday. Goodnight,


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